You know that situation that's kept you feeling stressed and stuck for weeks? How would it feel to finally find clarity in an hour?


I'm here to tell you...

Clarity is possible.jpg

Do you want to:

  • Move from "what the heck is going on?!" to "I've got this!"?
  • Crank up the volume on your intuition?
  • Glimpse your potential future within this situation?
  • Have a clear action plan you feel good about?

What's the I Ching?

Translated as "The Book of Changes", the I Ching is an ancient Chinese wisdom book and oracle (or divination tool).

It's a tool I've been using for almost a decade to guide me more gracefully through life situations where I feel stuck, confused on how to move forward, and especially when in crisis mode. It's helped me:

  • navigate new relationships,
  • get through difficult break-ups,
  • decide on the direction I wanted my business to take,
  • clarify my life purposeand
  • feel grounded through a tough cross-country move (amongst many other transitions). 

Included in an "I Ching Clarity Session" is:

  • A PRE-CALL QUESTIONNAIRE to get to the heart of the issue and uncover exactly where you're stuck.
  • A PERSONALIZED I CHING READING where I connect with the I Ching on your behalf and ask it a question based on the questionnaire. During this process I'm tapping into the wisdom of the I Ching and distilling what best applies to your situation (note: I do this on my own, before our call).
  • A 45 MINUTE CALL to deliver the I Ching wisdom to you. This call will clarify and reaffirm where you are now, as well as what's blocking you from moving forward (it's not always what you think it is). It will also advise you what to do (and avoid) to get unstuck. Utilizing the wisdom of the I Ching, we'll come up with some practical tools and next steps for you to move forward with confidence.


Limited Time Bonus:

  • 1 WEEK OF EMAIL SUPPORT: To further support you through this transitional time, you'll have access to me for the week after your reading. You can use this time for accountability, to have a voice of reason if doubt creeps back in, or to ask further questions about the reading or any of the tools we've discussed. Basically I'll be your cheerleader and coach as you move through this situation. I've got your back!

If you're ready to connect with your intuition and gain the wisdom and confidence to move through this challenge with ease, fill out the questionnaire below and let's do this!

Once you fill out the form, I'll contact you within 24 hours with a link to make your payment and book your session.

The reading was uncannily accurate and, when combined with Dana’s grounded and compassionate nature, I felt so supported.

 The session was amazing! Dana has mastered the ability to use this powerful tool called the I Ching and had a very special way of taking the information that came through and helping me apply it immediately to what was going on in my life. What I love most about Dana’s work is she has the perfect balance of clear confidence and graceful humility. She approaches this work with reverence and respect, and that goes a long way.

Lynn Louise Wonders, Licensed Psychotherapist & Wellness Coach


**Disclaimer: Refunds will not be given for missed appointments or after services are rendered. Dana is not a therapist or medical professional. All the information given during a reading cannot be guaranteed due to free will and is considered for entertainment purposes only. By booking an appointment it is understood that you are agreeing to all of these terms and conditions.

**If you're open-minded and willing to use this session as a starting point for answers and growth, you are in the EXACT right spot!  That is the state from which these sessions can be magical.