As you go through your days and months this year, you will undoubtedly manifest things. Life is in constant motion, so creation (or manifestation) is something that will happen naturally, no matter what. 

What you need to decide is, do you want your life to be created by CHANCE?

Or do you want to consciously create your life by CHOICE? 

Let's take a look at both of these possible scenarios for a moment.

Your 2018 left to CHANCE

  • You go through your days on autopilot, simply trying to get done what has to get done and too busy or overwhelmed to really pause and reflect on whether you're truly happy or not.
  • "Safe" and "fine" are good enough, even though deep down you know you're meant for so much more....even if you're not quite sure what that is yet.
  • You experience a lot of challenges and emotional turbulence, and often wonder why this is all happening to you.
  • You wake up on December 31st 2018 and realize you have re-created more of the same people, situations, and feelings you had so desperately wanted to change at the beginning of the year.
  • Or maybe you have new experiences, attract new things into your life, and attain some level of "success", but they don't make you feel happy or fulfilled.

Your 2018 consciously created by CHOICE

  • You make time regularly to tune into your deepest desires, values, and needs, and you commit to honoring them no matter what.
  • You finally commit to radical self-care and learn to manage stress, because you now know that success comes when self-care is a priority (not a luxury) in your life.
  • You go through your days mindfully and feeling grounded, so you can skillfully respond to situations rather than react emotionally (and in many cases regrettably).
  • You begin to confidently connect to your intuition on demand to make decisions and find creative solutions with ease.
  • "Growth" and "great!" begin to replace "safe" and "fine".
  • You experience challenges, but instead of feeling like a victim, you simply use them as guidance on your path to purpose and excellence. 
  • You wake up on December 31st 2018 smiling, because you're surrounded by people, situations, and feelings you truly love and feel great about. 
  • You can finally say that even though you're still growing and working towards goals, you truly feel happy and fulfilled with your life.

If you're fine with a life created by CHANCE above, then you can stop reading now. I wish you success and peace in your year! And I don't want to take up any more of your time, because what I can help with is creating your life by CHOICE.

If you're really feeling lit up by the idea of consciously creating your 2018 by choice, then keep reading!

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Hi, I'm Dana!

Several years ago, during my morning meditation practice, something amazing came to me. At this point I had been studying and experimenting with many different meditation and spiritual practices for almost a decade. And as I began journaling that morning, feeling deeply connected to myself and spirit, I wrote down a very specific 4 step process.

When I had finished, I noticed that what I wrote combined all the different practices I had been using, and organized them in a way that took meditation beyond temporary stress reduction and relaxation, and into the realm of creating deep and lasting life transformation.

You see, using meditation as a band-aid to simply calm chaotic thoughts and emotions for relaxation, is just the beginning of what meditation is capable of. If you want to create a life of excellence, purpose, and deep fulfillment, simple relaxation just isn't enough.

I've now turned that system into a 6 week program, to teach you how to use meditation not only for RELAXATION, but for MANIFESTATION + deep life TRANSFORMATION too!

After offering this as a 1:1 program throughout 2017, I've decided to now also offer it as a women's group program. Because when a group of women come together and authentically share and support each other, magic happens! And I want to help you tap into that magic, momentum, and power this year too!  

Meditation for Conscious Creation program

Welcome to the "Meditation for Conscious Creation: Women's Circle"!

The "Meditation for Conscious Creation Women's Circle" is an intimate 6 week virtual group experience, to help you create consistent meditation and spiritual practices, so you can finally get the deep peace and change that you crave in your relationship, business (or anywhere in your life) this year!



  • 6 Weekly Group Calls (or as I like to call them "virtual women's circles") where you'll learn the Meditation for Conscious Creation Process and practices, begin to implement them into your own life, and get support along the journey from me and an intimate group of women. All from the comfort of your own home! (we'll use a program called Zoom) ($300 value)
  • Weekly Integration Activities including guided meditations, challenges, and other tools, designed to help you integrate what you're learning in a fun and interactive way + create tangible practices and rituals that will last beyond the duration of the program. ($100 value)
  • A Private Facebook Community so you can continue to connect, support each other, ask me questions, and get accountability in between calls (if you choose to). I've also got some fun surprises planned in there too! ($100 value)
  • A Private 1:1 Call with me to help further customize your meditation practice to suit your personal lifestyle, needs, and preferences, + help you work through any challenges that may be coming up for you ($97 value)
  • Surprise Bonuses! Because I'm committed to making this group experience super powerful, I'll be checking in with you a lot to see what else you might need. And I'll be creating and sharing resources on demand. I've already got some ideas up my sleeve :)
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Before deciding whether or not this program is right for you now, I invite you to pause for a moment...take a deep breath...and imagine:

  • having a tool-kit full of manifestation and meditation practices that you can confidently pull from anytime you feel stressed, anxious, doubtful, overwhelmed, or stuck this year,
  • actually remembering to quickly turn to those meditation tools, rather than staying stuck or running through the same old self-sabotaging patterns you've been repeating for years,
  • finally having a consistent meditation practice you enjoy doing,
  • taking consistent steps towards uncovering and creating your dreams this year,
  • journeying alongside of other motivated and supportive women, who are also committed to prioritizing self-care, creating strong meditation habits, lovingly calling themselves out on their BS, and unapologetically designing life on their own terms! 

If you're feeling a strong and resonant YES, here are all the nitty gritty details.

Meditation for Conscious Creation: Women's Circle
297.00 397.00

DATES: February 26th - April 2nd 

**Calls will be Monday evenings at 7:30pm EST. There will be a recording and access to me for questions if you have to miss a call.

INVESTMENT: $297 EARLY BIRD rate until March 4th.

**BONUS private "I CHING INTUITIVE SESSION" to the next 3 people who register to help you powerfully connect to your intuition and gain deep clarity, anywhere you feel stuck or need guidance. (value $97)

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