So, why Meditation and the Moon?


The Moon

Whether you realize it or not, you're being affected by energies within and around you, at all times. Sometimes these effects are so extreme, that if you're not prepared they can send you into a mental and emotional crisis!

The more wisdom and knowledge you have of these energies, the more power you have to not only survive them, but use them to your advantage.

Each month the moon serves as a very powerful reminder to not only pause and honor all energetic cycles, but also to use the power of the moon to bring alignment, transformation, and healing to you (and all aspects of your life).



In order to work with the energies within and around you, you must first be aware of them, and then have the tools to consciously work with them.

That's where meditation comes in!

Meditation is a powerful tool to: first, become aware of the energies affecting you're mental, emotional, and physical state in any given moment; and second, actively use or change those energies to bring about deep insight and positive change in your life!

What you'll get Each Month with your "Meditation and Moon Membership":

  • A group MOON and MEDITATION RITUAL (value $37): to align you with the current energy of the earth, go deeper into meditation, connect to your inner wisdom, gain insight into any subconscious blocks and release them, set new intentions, and whatever else spirit guides us to do that month. (This call will be virtual and recorded for those that can't make it live).
  • Unlimited Monthly SUPPORT, ACCOUNTABILITY, and RESOURCES in our private Facebook community (value $200): 

>>> Think things like: oracle card mini-readings, weekly guided meditations, introductions to new meditation and spiritual practices, answers to all your meditation questions and challenges, and more as I feel divinely inspired to add it (or if you let me know you need it!).

  • Discounted Sessions and Products (value $100): as a member you'll get discounts on any of my programs and 1:1 sessions to get more personalized support on your meditation and spiritual journey. 
  • Plus a growing Library of Meditation and Spiritual Resources (value $100+): to help you continuously add tools to your meditation tool-kit for peace, focus, clarity, enhanced intuition, manifestation, and any other meditation benefit you crave!

*As I continue to add more resources to our community (like trainings, guest teachers, etc.), the value and price of this membership will increase. But as a founding member, your price will always remain the same until you cancel!


(but you'll get it for much less than that!)


(for founding members)



> Monthly benefits as outlined above


> Monthly benefits as outlined above

> 1 Monthly 1:1 Session ($127 value)**

** With the VIP UPGRADE you'll get your choice of 1 of these each month: 

> I Ching Alignment Session: This is a powerful way to have a deep conversation with the divine and get guidance. Regular I Ching readings assure that you stay aligned with your goals and purpose + see and release subconscious blocks as they arise. Those who have regular readings experience much more flow in their lives, get stuck way less, + achieve their goals and manifest their desires at a much faster rate!

> Meditation Mentoring Session: This is a way to get more personalized meditation support. There are many different meditation types + many different ways to practice each type.To create a practice that feels good for you  and gets you the benefits you desire, it's important to focus on the right type of meditation for you! Together we'll design practices that support you fully + integrate easily into your lifestyle (so you actually do them).