Crone Magic Mini-Retreat
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Once we pass the Autumn Equinox on September 23, the dark energy grows stronger than the light, and we enter the powerful season of the Crone.

Contrary to the fairytales that paint her as an “old hag”, the Crone (aka. the Wise Woman) archetype actually represents a deeply wise and intuitive power within us all.

In this nourishing mini-retreat experience, we’ll use ritual, meditation, yoga, guided visualization, and more, to help you rediscover your own inner Crone! And we’ll teach you how to activate her energy to unlock your own inner power, intuition, wisdom, and peaceful surrender, as we transition into the dark half of the year.


October 12, 11-3pm


Private residence in Ocean Township, 07712 (we’ll email the address before the event)

WHAT to expect: (all activities beginner appropriate)

  • a guided CRONE ACTIVATION RITUAL {with meditation, journaling, and visualization} to help you rediscover and embody your own inner Wise Woman power

  • YIN YOGA to ground your mind and body

  • MINDFUL ACTIVITIES to help you explore Crone season through your 5 senses (taste, touch, sounds, scents, and colors)

  • AMETHYST BIOMAT MINI-SESSIONS in our sacred healing space. Perfect for anyone that wants a little personal time and space for contemplation, healing, and deep relaxation

  • SEASONAL SNACKS and teas


  • Lauren Kranich, Holistic Health Counselor

  • Dana Garced, Meditation & Spiritual Mentor

***No experience necessary :)

We so look forward to hosting you for a nourishing and transformative afternoon!


Dana and Lauren

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