So, why the Moon and Meditation?


The Moon

Whether you realize it or not, you're being affected by energies within and around you, at all times. Sometimes these effects are so extreme, that if you're not prepared they can send you into a mental and emotional crisis!

The more wisdom and knowledge you have of these energies, the more power you have to not only survive them, but use them to your advantage.

Each month the moon serves as a very powerful reminder to not only pause and honor all energetic cycles, but also to use the power of the monthly moon cycle to bring alignment, transformation, and healing to you (and all aspects of your life).



In order to stay grounded through the energetic ebbs and flows (within and around you) + use them to bring about the changes you crave in your life, you must first have awareness of these energies as they arise and shift. And then you must have tools to consciously work with them.

That's where meditation comes in!

Meditation is a powerful tool to: first, become aware of the energies affecting your mental, emotional, and physical state in any given moment; and second, actively use or change those energies to bring about deep insight and positive change in your life!

What you'll get Each Month with the Moon and Meditation Membership: (2 options to choose from)



(Monthly Experience)

  • Group New Moon + Full Moon ENERGETIC ALIGNMENT READINGS (value $37): to help you continuously understand and align with the shifting external energies that are affecting you each month. (video recording)

  • A monthly group MOON and MEDITATION RITUAL (value $37): to serve as a reminder + support you, as you go deeper into meditation, connect to your inner wisdom, gain insight into any subconscious blocks and release them, set new intentions, and whatever else spirit guides us to do that month. (This call will be virtual and recorded for those that can't make it live or simply prefer to do it on their own).

  • SUPPORT, ACCOUNTABILITY, and ADDITIONAL RESOURCES in our private Facebook community (value $47): to serve as another (optional) space for connection and getting support from me and the community. I will also provide weekly prompts to help you stay accountable to your practice + integrate the energetic alignment work we’re doing.

  • Discounted Sessions, Products, and Events (value $47): as a member you'll get discounts on any of my Programs, I Ching Clarity Readings, Meditation Mentoring Sessions, and in-person Events to get more personalized support on your meditation and spiritual journey.

  • “Seasonal Eating Ayurveda Guide” with guest health coach, Lauren Kranich (value $108): a complete guide on the best foods, herbs, essential oils, recipes, and movement to help keep your body balanced as we transition through each season (4 seasonal guides per year).

  • Plus a growing Library of Meditation and Spiritual Resources: to help you continuously add tools to your meditation tool-kit for peace, focus, clarity, enhanced intuition, manifestation, and any other meditation benefit you crave!

*As I continue to add more resources to our community (like trainings, guest teachers, etc.), the value and cost of this membership will increase. But as a current member, you’ll be locked into the monthly rate you sign up at until you cancel!


(but you'll get it all for just $47/ month!)

Craving more personalized support on your meditation & spiritual journey?



(6 Month Experience)

  • All Monthly Benefits as outlined in CRESCENT LEVEL MEMBERSHIP above ($276 value)


  • 8 week MEDITATION JUMPSTART PROGRAM ($776 value): 8 weekly meditation mentoring sessions to help you create your own personal meditation practice that is consistent, joyful, and gets you the peace and other benefits you crave (+ fits easily into your daily life no matter how busy you are!). Perfect for beginners or those who are ready to up-level their practice. (phone sessions)

  • 4 monthly I CHING INTUITIVE READINGS ($588 value): intuitive deep-dive sessions using the power of an ancient oracle system (the I Ching) to help you connect deeply with your inner wisdom and get guidance around anything you feel stuck or crave more insight on. You’ll leave having much more alignment in your life and with the clarity to move forward confidently. Plus over the course of the 4 sessions, you’ll have tools and with tools to connect with your intuition at any time. (phone sessions)

  • 4 monthly PERSONALIZED MEDITATION MENTORING SESSIONS ($388 value): private sessions where we’ll check-in on anything that’s going on in your life, find the perfect meditation tools to support you, and meditate together. Meditation isn’t something that happens separate from our lives. It’s a practice that is most powerful when we integrate it into the each moment of our lives and over the course of these 4 sessions, you’ll learn just how to do that!

  • EMAIL SUPPORT (value $197): to provide follow-up support and accountability in between calls, as needed.

TOTAL VALUE: $325/month

(but you’ll get it for just $197/ month)




> 2 Monthly Moon Energetic Alignment Readings (at the New & Full Moons)

> A monthly group Moon + Meditation Ritual

> Support + Accountability in our private FB community

> Discounted Sessions, Products, + Events

moon full4.jpg



> Everything in the CRESCENT LEVEL


> 8 Week Meditation Jumpstart Program

4 Monthly Private I Ching Intuitive Readings

> 4 Monthly Private Meditation Mentoring Sessions

> Email Support


What's the cancellation and refund policy?

There are no refunds to payments already made.

CRESCENT LEVEL MEMBERSHIP ($47/month) can easily be cancelled at any time.

FULL LEVEL MEMBERSHIP ($197/month) can be cancelled or shifts to month-to-month after 6 months.

What if I can't make the monthly group Moon Ritual calls?

No problem! They'll be recorded and emailed out so you can follow along and do your own ritual, when it's convenient for you.

Which Membership Level should I choose?

The CRESCENT LEVEL MEMBERSHIP ($47/month) is best for you if you already have some form of meditation practice and/or feel good about your ability to stay grounded and mindful in your life, and are simply:

  • looking to stay more aware of and aligned with the monthly energetic shifts occurring around you each month

  • want to connect with a supportive meditation and spiritual community

  • *Note: you can cancel at anytime

The FULL LEVEL MEMBERSHIP ($147/month) is best for you if:

  • you're new to meditation, and crave more peace, flow, and success in your life

  • you crave more guidance and accountability with your meditation and spiritual practices

  • you need clarity and support as you navigate a difficult transition, make a tough decision, or are just feeling stuck somewhere in your life

  • you just want more 1:1 support as you move along your life path each month

  • Note: there is a 6 month commitment. If you cancel before the 6 months, you will be billed the full rate for each session received.

Can I just drop-in for a Moon Ritual without committing to the monthly membership?

For now, sure! This may change in the future. If you want to drop-in on a Moon Ritual without getting all the other benefits of the "Moon + Meditation" Membership, you can purchase a single Moon Ritual here for $37. Remember, if you become a crescent member, for the same price you’ll get all the other perks and you can cancel your membership at anytime!


Not sure which level is best for you? No problem! Click below to request a discovery session to figure it out together.