Do you constantly feel like:

  • your mind is on 24/7, never allowing you to have a moment of peace,

  • you’re scattered, distracted, ungrounded, and overwhelmed by your thoughts,

  • everyday you worry that fear, self-doubt, or anxiety will grow and turn into an emotional crisis or meltdown,

  • you often react emotionally (and regrettably) to challenging people and situations.

  • you struggle making decisions and often don’t feel like they support your goals and dreams.

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you likely have what I like to call a “STRESS HABIT”.

So, what’s a “Stress Habit?

Having a “stress habit” means that through the years, you’ve allowed yourself to engage in enough stress inducing thoughts and behaviors, that they’ve become habits that fuel your stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and fear day after day.

And these stress habits are probably so deeply rooted, that as painful as you think they are, on a subconscious level you’ve gotten comfortable with them (and possibly even addicted to them!). And you just can’t seem to see how to break the stress cycle and experience more regular peace and calm!

Also, you may even be mistaking these “stress habits” as parts of who you are at your core. Which means there’s a part of you that wonders if you’re doomed to feel stress and anxiety…forever!

If that sounds like you, then I’ve got great news for you….

You see, the beautiful thing about a habit is that no matter how deeply rooted it is, A HABIT CAN BE CHANGED!

And when you learn how to change your “stress habits”, deep, daily peace and calm become possible!

So how can you change your “stress habits”?

Well, I’m glad you asked!

Let me introduce you to the “Peace Practice”.

The way to heal your “stress habit” is with a “peace practice”. This happens when you get into the practice of SEEING your thoughts and behaviors that feed your stress each day, and then CHOOSING to replace them with thoughts and behaviors that promote more peace and calm. Until one day, that peace habit is your go-to (and the stress habit is no more!).

With a “Peace Practice”, you could feel:

  • more mental clarity and focus,

  • more grounded and centered in yourself,

  • emotionally calmer and able to skillfully work through difficult thoughts and emotions (like fear, worry, anxiousness, insecurity, etc.),

  • more capable of responding gracefully and skillfully, to challenging people and situations.

  • more confident making decisions that benefit your life and help you create your biggest goals and dreams!

meditation training

For years I struggled with chronic stress and anxiety. Always believing that I was just an anxious person or that someone or something else was causing my stress. One day in desperation, I discovered Mindfulness Meditation in an effort to find just a little bit of peace and calm.

And one day during my practice, it struck me….I was the one causing my own stress and anxiety, with the thoughts I was allowing to live in my head, and with the emotions and behaviors I allowed those negative thoughts to trigger.

Over time (with consistent meditation and effort) I was able to see, and then heal each stress habit that fed my chronic stress and anxiety every day.

And now from that journey, I’ve created the “Peace Practice: Mindfulness Training + Support Group” to help you heal your own stress habits, and bring more peace, calm, and clarity into your life!

The “Peace Practice” is an 8 week mindfulness training and support group, to help you learn how to meditate, support you through challenges that keep you from creating a lasting meditation habit, and keep you accountable until you develop a consistent meditation practice (that feels enjoyable, easily fits into your daily life, and gets you the peace you crave!).

Included in The Peace Practice: Mindfulness Training + Support Group:

  • 8 Weekly, Virtual Meditation Classes (value $350): these classes are held virtually to make it super easy for you to commit to them weekly! Plus they’ll be recorded in case you can’t make it live. In these classes I’ll share a new, short Mindfulness lesson and then we’ll meditate together. You’ll also get personalized support around any struggles that are coming up for you as you build your new meditation practice.

  • Additional Guided Meditations (value $50): by the end of the 8 weeks, you’ll have a library of powerful guided meditations you can use anytime you need them!

  • Unlimited Email Support (value $200): for those that prefer more personal and private support throughout the week, so we can address your meditation challenges as they come up.

  • Meditation Accountability Pod (optional): this is a powerful way to stay accountable when you’re just starting to build your new practice.


(**this is a special pilot rate for this first round only)