A healthy mind is your greatest asset to a happy and successful life!

With a healthy, balanced mind, YOU CAN RULE THE WORLD! (or at least your own world)

A healthy and balanced mind = much more PEACE.

  • you’ll feel more mental clarity and focus,

  • you’ll feel more grounded and centered in yourself,

  • you’ll calm and more easily manage difficult emotions (like fear, worry, anxiousness, insecurity, etc.),

  • you’ll make better decisions with ease, (creating more happiness and success in your life!)

  • you’ll respond more skillfully to challenging people and situations.

On the other hand, if you go through life with an unhealthy, unbalanced mind, THE WORLD WILL RULE YOU.

An unhealthy and unbalanced mind = much more STRESS.

  • you’ll feel more mental fog, distraction, and overwhelm,

  • you’ll often feel scattered and ungrounded,

  • you’ll be prone to emotional crises and “freak-outs” (like fear, worry, anxiety, etc.),

  • you’ll have trouble making decisions and often make poor ones,

  • you’ll react emotionally (and often regrettably) to challenging people and situations.

Sadly, the world is getting more and more chaotic, and is creating an epidemic of unhealthy, unbalanced minds.

But there is hope!

On my own journey to find more PEACE, MENTAL CLARITY, and EMOTIONAL RESILIENCE, I discovered a powerful tool!

And that tool is…


Mindfulness is a simple and powerful meditation practice. It can help you heal your mind and transform your life!

The key to using mindfulness to heal your mind and get all its amazing benefits, is threefold. You must have:

  1. Proper meditation TECHNIQUE

  2. Proper meditation MINDSET


The Peace Practice: Mindfulness Training + Support Group was designed to help you excel at all three of those things (proper meditation technique, mindset, and consistency)!

The “Peace Practice” is an 8 week mindfulness training and support group, to help you learn how to meditate, support you through early challenges that keep you from creating a lasting meditation habit, and keep you accountable until you develop a consistent meditation habit (that feels enjoyable and easily fits into your daily life!).

Included in The Peace Practice: Mindfulness Training + Support Group:

  • 8 Weekly Meditation Classes (value $200): in these classes we’ll meditate together, you’ll learn a new meditation lesson, and you’ll get support around any struggles that are coming up for you as you build your new meditation practice. These classes will be recorded for those that can’t make it live.

  • Additional Guided Meditations to provide continuous support along your mindfulness journey (value $50)

  • A Private “Meditation Mentoring Session” (value $97): to help personalize your meditation practice so it fits easily into your daily life + get you any other support you need.

  • Unlimited Email Support (value $200): for those that prefer more personal and private support + so we can address your meditation challenges as they come up each day/week!


“EARLY BIRD” DISCOUNT: $397 (save $100!)

“JOIN WITH A FRIEND” DISCOUNT: $297 (save $200!)



**For the “FRIEND DISCOUNT” option, please email me at dana@danagarced.com, with the names of both friends joining together.

I’m also offering some amazing bonuses for the Fall round of the “Peace Practice”! (when you sign up by October 10th)


3 Months of my “Moon + Meditation: Women’s Circle” (value $80)


The “Meditate with Ease” Mini-Course + Workshop (value $50): guided meditations and practical tips to help you prepare for your mindfulness journey!


Discounted Private Sessions (value $100): you'll get 20% off private “I Ching Clarity Readings” or “Meditation Mentoring Sessions”, to get more personalized support on your meditation and spiritual journey.

Disclaimer: This training + support group is not intended to treat any medical condition. If you suffer from a medical condition, please see a medical doctor.