Eclipse Season Support Package

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Eclipse Season Support Package


Eclipses are times of great power! They tend to stir things up in life and if you’re not prepared, can wreak emotional havoc. But if you’re prepared, they can be some of the most healing and transformational times of the year- helping you quickly see and clear out all the baggage that’s been building up and keeping you from creating what you desire most!

To help assure you’re prepared to do this powerful work during Eclipse Season, I’ve created a support package with 3 of my most popular services to help you stay grounded and use this potent time for deep clarity, healing, and growth.

**All services are delivered by phone (or video conferencing).

What’s Included:

  1. I CHING CLARITY SESSION: to help bring clarity and deep understanding to an aspect of your life that feels stuck or confusing. You’ll learn what “energetic season” it’s in, how best to navigate it during this period, and, ultimately, how to create the peace and change you crave with it. ($127 value)

  2. MEDITATION MENTORING SESSION: to help you create a personalized meditation practice to stay grounded and mindful through Eclipse season. We’ll also discuss specific practices and tools that will support what came up during the I Ching Clarity session. This session will help you integrate your new found clarity and begin to understand how change and healing is possible!. ($97 value)

  3. 2 MONTHS OF MY ‘MOON + MEDITATION‘ MEMBERSHIP : change takes time so this will give you another 2 months of support and accountability as you work to solidify your new found clarity and transformation from our sessions. You’ll get access to a monthly energetic forecast, a live group full moon ritual, plus a community of supportive women who are also on a meditation and spiritual journey. ($94 value)

***Over $300 value for just $247!

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