Meditation and Moon Membership Community


Meditation and Moon Membership Community

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The key to getting all the benefits you crave from meditation (think: peace, calm, focus, connection to your intuition, etc.) is consistent practice! And remembering to practice consistently when life gets busy (or remembering to find your way back to your practice immediately when sh*t hits the fan) can feel really tough.

That's why I created this monthly meditation membership community! It's designed to give you all the support and accountability you need to turn your sporadic meditation hobbies into consistent habits, or when the sh*t hits the fan in your life- so you can get off the stress and chaos rollercoaster, and instead feel more consistently peaceful, grounded, and connected to your intuition!!

When you sign up for this monthly membership community you'll get:

  • A monthly group moon and meditation ritual (virtual-recorded): to go deeper into meditation, connect to your inner wisdom, gain insight into any subconscious blocks and release them, set new intentions, and whatever else spirit guides us to do that month.
  • Unlimited Monthly support and accountability in our private Facebook community: think> oracle card mini-readings, guided meditations, introductions to new meditation tools, answers to all your meditation challenges, spiritual discussions, and more as I feel divinely inspired to add it (or if you let me know you need it!).
  • Future Resources: In my 15+ years of meditation I've been exposed to lots of different teachers and resources. So let me know what you need and I'll do my best to create a training for you on it or bring in a guest teacher to teach it! 

***VIP UPGRADE (for those that crave more support):

  • Add on a monthly 1:1 I Ching Alignment Session: this is a powerful way to have a deep conversation with your guides and inner wise woman (or man). Monthly I Ching Readings assure that you stay aligned with your goals and purpose + see and release subconscious blocks as they arise. (those who have regular I Ching Readings experience much more flow in their lives, get stuck way less, and achieve their goals + manifest their desires at a much faster rate!)
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