6 Week {Customized} Meditation Jumpstart Program

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meditation headshot1.jpg

6 Week {Customized} Meditation Jumpstart Program


Ready to create a consistent meditation practice that gets you the benefits you crave (and that you actually enjoy doing)?! 

Then let me help you! Together we'll jump-start your practice, so you can finally feel the peace, mental clarity, enhanced intuition, and other meditation benefits you desire!

For 6 weeks, I'll be your personal meditation mentor, HELPING YOU TO:

  • create a customized meditation practice, that fits with your lifestyle and meditation preferences (aka. a practice you love and actually do!),
  • choose the best meditation types for your desired benefits (ie. mental calm and focus, grounding, emotional resilience, enhanced intuition or creativity, clarity when stuck, enhanced manifestation skills, etc.)
  • stay committed and accountable until your practice begins to become an automatic habit,
  • take your practice off the cushion and start applying it to the challenging/stressful/stuck areas of your life, so you start to feel the benefits of meditation all day, every day (not just when you're at home meditating),
  • overcome any blocks or struggles you come up against as you cultivate your new meditation habit!

You basically have me in your back pocket for any of your meditation needs for the entire 6 weeks!

Here's a more specific list of WHAT'S INCLUDED:

  • 6 Weekly Meditation Mentoring Calls: where we'll create your personal meditation plan, slowly build your meditation toolkit, meditate together, and address any challenges you're having in your practice or life.
  • Weekly Email Recap: with the practices we did together and the meditation plan we came up for that week (based on your specific needs).  
  • Daily Accountability Check-Ins: some clients like the accountability of shooting me a quick text/email once they complete their daily practice. (this is optional)
  • Customized Guided Meditations and any other resources I feel would be helpful along your meditation journey. (in 15+ years of my own meditation journeying I've picked up lots of tools!) 
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