Meditation Jumpstart Workshop

Meditation Jumpstart Workshop (Summer edition).jpg
Meditation Jumpstart Workshop (Summer edition).jpg

Meditation Jumpstart Workshop

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WHEN: July 13th @ 10am-12pm

WHERE: at a private residence in Ocean Township, 07712 (Monmouth County)


We’re at the midway point of the year, at the start of the Summer season, and entering Eclipse season! This means you’ve got 6 months left to create (or manifest) your 2016 dreams, and you’ve got massive amounts of energy to assist you in bringing your Spring ideas, goals, and projects to life (and to do some deep healing/transformation work that you may not even realize is ready to be done!)

If Spring was the season of planting seeds and “creative incubation”, Summer is the season of “creative fertility”, abundance, transformation, and manifestation!

BUT, because the Summer energy is so potent, it’s essential to know how to really tap into and channel this energy over the next 3 months, for your highest and best.

Without the wisdom and tools to GROUND and BALANCE this intense influx of energy, you may end up feeling scattered, overwhelmed, anxious, or even burn yourself out!

And without INTENTIONALLY FOCUSING this Summer energy, you may end up wasting it on things that don’t really bring you joy or get you any closer to your deeper visions and goals for 2019.

So if you want to learn how to stay grounded, balanced, and truly enjoy this Summer (while also staying aligned with your 2019 visions and goals!), I invite you to a morning of meditation, self-care, connection, and learning!

During our time together you’ll:

  • learn how to easily PRIORITIZE + FIT MEDITATION into a busy Summer schedule

  • learn the BEST SUMMER MEDITATION PRACTICES to stay grounded, present, and focused during this high energy season

  • create a PERSONALIZED MEDITATION PLAN to help you start (or reignite) a joyful and consistent practice

  • get prepared for the JULY ECLIPSES + PLANETARY RETROGRADES, and learn how to use their powerful energy for deep healing and transformation


  • A SEASONAL SUMMER GUIDE to help you stay aligned with Summer’s energy through food, movement, meditation, herbs, essential oils, and more!

**Plus, the FIRST 3 PEOPLE TO REGISTER will get a HEALING MINI-SESSION on the amethyst, infrared biomat (these sessions are perfect for helping you re-ground and reset during the “busy” Summer)

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