Seasonal Alignment Package

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Seasonal Alignment Package

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A package of 3 of my most popular services to help you get deep clarity, alignment, and movement in an area of your life that feels stuck or confusing.

**All services are delivered virtually over the phone (or video conferencing).

What’s Included:

  1. I CHING CLARITY SESSION: to help bring clarity and deep understanding to an aspect of your life that feels stuck or confusing. You’ll learn what “energetic season” it’s in, how best to navigate it during this period, and, ultimately, how to create the peace and change you crave with it. ($127 value)

  2. MEDITATION MENTORING SESSION: to create a personalized meditation practice to support what came up during the I Ching Clarity session. This session will help you truly integrate the clarity you’ve gotten to bring actual transformation to the area of your life that felt stuck or confusing. ($97 value)

  3. A MONTH OF MY ‘MOON + MEDITATION‘ COMMUNITY: to help you stay aware of and aligned with the energies going on around you. You’ll get access to a monthly energetic forecast, a live full moon ritual, plus a group of supportive women who are also on a meditation and spiritual journey. ($27 value)

  4. SUPPORT + ACCOUNTABILITY: 1 month of email accountability and support to make sure you have everything you need as you make these changes and transition.

***Over $250 value for just $147!

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