Is there a fire in you to step more fully into your power? To find balance, success, and happiness in life and love?

You know you have it in you because you've glimpsed your potential and your dreams. You can feel your deep desire and longing for more fulfillment and joy in your work, relationships, and life in general.

But emotional turbulence keeps getting in your way. You find it really difficult to manage your thoughts and emotions through life's ups and downs. This mental and emotional chaos prevents you from tapping into your deep well of power, confidence, and wisdom (that you truly do have access to at all times). Decision making becomes increasingly more difficult. And, you find yourself making choices or taking actions you later regret.

And because of all this, you find yourself settling for safe, mediocre living when you truly long for excellence and joy.    

Stop. Take a deep breath.  And know you've come to the right place.

I'm here to show you that you can absolutely feel CALM, CONNECTED, and IN CONTROL of your life.  

You can tap into that deep source of POWER, WISDOM, and RESOURCEFULNESS that is ever present within you.  

You can transform your emotional turbulence into EMOTIONAL RESILIENCE.  And you can find PEACE, HAPPINESS, and FREEDOM in life and love.

How do I know this?  Because that was MY JOURNEY.  

I grew up as a shy, self-conscious teenager frequently seeking external validation and having my self-worth directly tied to good grades and having a boyfriend and plenty of friends.  As I went through college in NYC these tendencies lingered. As the pressures of life grew, so did my inclination towards anxiousness, overwhelm, and turbulent emotions. I kept myself thoroughly distracted with school and my social life, but still felt unstable when it came to my emotional state and self- esteem. It was frustrating that my thoughts and emotions seemed to be out of my control. When sh%t did hit the fan, so to speak, I had a tendency to avoid and numb the feelings with any other distraction (which wasn't hard to come by in NYC).

One day I walked in on my long-term boyfriend with someone else, and my world fell apart. I cried for months, couldn’t focus on my obligations, and even lost a best friend through the ordeal.

I knew something had to give.  Why was I so reactive, and why did I have such little control over my mental and emotional state?!?   That was when my healing journey began. 

I graduated college and spent a very intimate year in Central America getting to know myself. It was one of the loneliest yet most incredible and transformational periods of my life. With no phones, internet, or friends there, I was forced to face myself, push past my comfort zone, and grow. I read, meditated, cried, learned about reiki and oracle cards, cried some more, and spent much of my time in nature.

When I came home I felt more grounded but found it difficult to adjust to the noisy world of NYC again. I enrolled in acupuncture school, moved to San Diego, and continued my healing journey there for the next 5 years. I studied Chinese medicine, meditation, and anything else in holistic healing I could get my hands on.  I even did a 10 day silent meditation retreat in the desert!

This is also when I discovered something called the I Ching, which would become one of my core go-to's for handling change and struggle.

Life was good.  I was living at the beach, owned an acupuncture and skin care business, and had a lot of soul sisters. 

But, since life is just a series of cycles, I began to feel this journey winding to an end. On a deeper level, I wasn’t completely fulfilled with my work and was ready to begin a new cycle. 

Shortly after, I moved back to my hometown in NJ.  And so my next life cycle began.  As with many endings and new beginnings it was quite a challenging transition.  New connections can take time to nurture, so I spent most of a year feeling isolated and lonely.  In this tough transitional period, my emotional state felt like a roller coaster ride! I had constant struggles with dating, family, work, and friends. And many of my shadow tendencies began showing up in those areas.  

As the emotional roller coaster sped on, I knew I had two choices:

  • Tap into my spiritual toolkit and use these challenges as opportunities for healing and growth or,

  • Play victim and let my challenges consume and derail my life.  

I chose the former and faced my shadows armed with the simple, yet powerful, practices and skills I spent the last decade dabbling in.

Only now I made these practices daily habits vs. inconsistent hobbies.

And, I was transformed. Life eventually stabilized, and a sense of peace and balance was restored (for the time being). 

The experience reminded me:

  • How DIFFICULT TIMES bring the best opportunity for GROWTH and SELF-DISCOVERY and, 

  • How important it is to be PREPARED with the PROPER TOOLS and SKILLS to not only survive difficulty, but to THRIVE  during it. 

I was also reminded that, with proper preparation, we are able feel calm, connected, and in control of our lives- even in the midst of chaos

I spent the next 2 years using these same tools to help others navigate their own ups and downs with ease, grace, and confidence. And now I'd love to help you do the same.

"As we rise to meet the challenges that are a natural part of living, we awaken to our many undiscovered gifts, to our inner power, and to our purpose."

-Susan L. Taylor

 I understand how frustrating it is to have huge dreams and aspirations in life, only to be held back by constant emotional turbulence.  

So if you're ready to:

  • take back control of your life,

  • navigate the ups and downs with ease and grace,

  • cultivate emotional resilience, and

  • uncover hidden opportunities in challenges to ultimately live the life of your dreams,

I'd be honored to guide you!