By this time of the year, you may already excitedly be thinking about how 2018 will be different, and creating your new year's goals and intentions. High five to that, because setting intentions and planning are a super important step to reaching your goals and creating success! 

But did you know that there's another step that's equally important to planning and goal setting? And if you skip this crucial step, you're doing yourself a great disservice, and may even end up blocking yourself from getting what you truly want next year.

This step is....ready for it!? Drum roll please...... RELEASING.

If you dive into 2018 without taking time reflect on, process, digest, and RELEASE 2018, you may:

  • miss out on lessons from 2017 (and waste time having to repeat them),
  • unconsciously carry the same blocks, patterns, or "bad" habits into the new year (where they'll continue to block your goals),
  • feel annoyingly stuck, overwhelmed, and emotionally triggered as 2017 comes to a close,
  • and possibly end up setting intentions and goals that aren't actually aligned with what you truly want!

So if you haven't yet taken time to reflect back on 2017 to uncover lingering blocks and unprocessed lessons, the energetic state over the next few weeks provide a very powerful opportunity to do so.

Don't go another year repeating the same lessons, holding onto the same unconscious blocks, and staying stuck in the same patterns!

Let me guide you through a powerful process to look back on your 2017, uncover lingering blocks and unprocessed lessons, and release that crap, to make space for your wildest dreams in 2018!!

In your Guided Releasing Ritual you'll get:

>> A Pre-session intake with powerful questions to get you reflecting and set the intentions for our session.

>> A customized guided releasing ritual that I walk you through (may include tools like journaling, meditation, visualization, fire ceremony, and any other practice that I'm guided to do with you during our session).

>> An email recap of the session + any follow-up resources or activities I'm guided to share after our session.

After the session:

>> You can expect to feel energy starting to shift, while feelings like peace, deep clarity, sweet release, and excitement for 2018 are common. 

>> You'll have clear action steps to continue releasing and moving energy on your own after the session.