Breakdown and Renewal Through the Equinox: A Personal Note

 Courtesy of CUNY Academic Commons

 Courtesy of CUNY Academic Commons

I've always been pretty in tune with the energies going on around me. So I suppose it's not so surprising that on the day of the Spring Equinox I find myself up at 4 am anxious. 

It seems that despite my best efforts, something in my life, that I'm very attached to, is falling apart. 

Underneath the pain of it all, I can't help but laugh (through tears) that it's happening on the exact day of the Equinox (solar eclipse and new moon).

A day that is notorious for coming on like a hurricane to destroy everything that you've painstakingly built up, that's no longer serving you.

And it does this whether you feel ready or even realize consciously that a relationship, situation, or pattern must change (although I'll bet somewhere subconsciously you know).

And through the chaos and intense emotions, all you can do is stay centered, grounded, and hold on for dear life until the dust settles.

Then, when the storm passes, you're left with the rubble. A big, beautiful, vast spaciousness of rubble. And in the wake of the disaster, you have two options. Breakthrough or break-up.

You can pick up the pieces of what's left and transmute them into something new and improved. Or, you can let it go completely and have faith that something more beautiful and aligned with your true self will eventually emerge in its place. Either way, you are deeply transformed in the process.  

If you're going through something similar during this Equinox period, know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Stay strong and reach out for support. CRY. MEDITATE. DANCE. TALK. TAP (EFT). WRITE. Consult the I Ching for guidance. FEEL anger. FEEL sadness. Cry some more. LAUGH. SELF-CARE.

Just experience and bear witness to whatever feelings arise, and let them flow through you. You are strong. You are beautiful. You are worthy. You are whole. You are loved. And above all, remember that you are always supported. 

Reach out for help when you need it, and reach out to support someone else who might. With courage and faith we'll all get through this crazy period together, as people have been doing since the beginning of time.

Know that the powerfully transformative energies of this Equinox are here to assist your growth, NOT TO ATTACK YOU. No matter how intensely you're feeling or hurting through this chaos, cling to that truth.

The opportunity for transformation and growth of this caliber does not come around every day. Embrace it. Surrender. And allow yourself be transformed.

With love,

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