2 Superpowers (You Already Possess) That Will Make You Unstoppable in 2019

You naturally possess two main powers, that when cultivated, become superpowers to creating a life of unlimited success and deep happiness.

Your first superpower is your MIND.

This is the part of you connected to your THINKING. Your mind is logical and has an uncanny capacity to analyze, rationalize, organize, and problem solve. That’s why I’m such an advocate for keeping your mind calm, healthy, and strengthening your mental focus muscle through meditation practice.

Your second superpower is your INTUITION.

This is the part of you that’s connected to your FEELINGS. It’s the part of you that can see meaning in the seemingly meaningless and unconnected parts of life. And the part of you that is always connected to spirit and keeps you feeling safe, supported, loved, and divinely guided.

Intuition rules true creativity and is always bringing you guidance and messages on how best to proceed in your life, in order to reach your full potential and purpose…..if only you would calm your mind enough to listen.

Our society has cultivated a rather unhealthy reliance on our powers of mental, linear thinking, to the detriment of causing many of us to lose touch with our innate power of intuition. Almost as if your powers of intuition are lying dormant (from years of disregard), just waiting to be reawakened.

At best, over relying on your MIND and neglecting your power of INTUITION will have you taking the extra long path to success and happiness. And at worst, neglecting your intuition could mean never truly tapping into your soul guidance system and therefore missing your potential for true happiness all together!

Once you fully awaken and strengthen your power of INTUITION and allow it to work in harmony with your mind, you will become unstoppable in life!!

But because of their seemingly dualistic natures, it often takes some effort and a bit of practice to get used to shifting from your “thinking mind” to your “feeling intuition”.

It’s time to Reawaken your Intuition Superpower.

As we move towards the Winter Solstice (on December 21st) and go deeper into the dark half of the year, there exists a beautiful energetic opportunity to reawaken and strengthen your superpower of INTUITION!

In a monthly ritual I host for my “Moon + Meditation” Group, I consulted with the I Ching (my favorite oracle system) to find out how I could best explain the intuition awakening process to you now.

And here’s the guidance the I Ching has for you now.

The secret to tapping into your superpower of intuition, lies in embodying two energies.

  1. The energy of RECEPTIVITY

  2. The energy of RELEASING


Receiving hands.jpg
The earth never denies anyone or anything. Whatever can no longer go on- whether it is a beam of light that has been traveling for millions of years, or whether it is a storm drenched and skittering bird- all are welcomed by the earth… To rest, to sprawl, to arrive without any judgment or rejection.
— The Living I Ching, Deng Ming-Dao

Learning “Receptivity” asks you to emulate the earth which simply accepts all that finds their way to her, without judgement or rejection. The energy of “receiving” is a passive and feminine (yin) energy. It asks you to simply sit back and take in information through your 5 senses (like an antenna).

Learning the art of “receptivity”, that’s necessary for intuition, means being able to simply look, listen, smell, taste, touch (or feel) with childlike wonder- and without immediate judgement. In contrast, the mind’s superpower of thinking and analyzing, is a much more active and masculine (yang) energy.

And just like a mama earth nourishes her children, that feminine (passive) power of “receptivity” will often feel nourishing. On the other hand, the more masculine (active) power of of the mind, often feels more energetically draining.

Since our society prioritizes “thinking and doing” over simply “being and receiving”, most of us are way more comfortable in the active “thinking” mode. This means you may have to spend time consciously strengthening your “receptivity” muscle before you can experience your superpower of intuition fully.

Here’s one of my favorite practices to do so!

Receptivity Practice: The Mindful Walk

  1. Carve out at least 20 minutes for a walk.

  2. Start your walk by taking a few deep breaths and then allowing your attention to settle on your natural breathing.

  3. Once you feel grounded, imagine your whole body is an antenna designed to receive information.

  4. Then begin going through each of your senses, one by one, with the intention to simply receive whatever you can (without immediately judging or rejecting it). Give each one at least a few minutes of your full attention.

  • Looking: “What objects, shapes, colors, textures, etc. do I see right now?”

  • Hearing: “What sounds do I hear right now?”

  • Smelling: “What scents do I smell right now?”

  • Tasting: “What tastes do I taste right now?”

  • Touching: “What physical sensations do I feel right now?” (wind on your body? the pressure of your feet touching the ground with each step? Or maybe you touch something around you-a tree, the ground, etc.)

  • All senses together: see if you can walk, and focus on the sensation of your feet touching the ground. And then simply allow your attention to tune into anything your senses pick up on, in your present experience. The intention here is to really “notice what you’re noticing” as you walk.

  • Overall Feelings: “How do I feel right now?” ; “What do I intuit right now?” (tune into any emotions, feelings, or messages you may be perceiving).

Remember to have fun with this! This is a practice that over time will help you cultivate your “receptivity” muscle and thus help you better use your superpower of intuition.


The second energy necessary to awakening your power of intuition is “Releasing”. As I said earlier, we are all born with the power of intuition. It’s your god given, sixth sense, so to speak.

This is so important to to really grasp! Many people think the power of intuition is something reserved only for an elite group of people….or that they have to go on some crazy, mystical journey to get it from somewhere (or someone) else. Not true!

The truth is, if you have trouble tapping into your Intuition Superpower, it’s not a matter of going out somewhere else to get it. It’s simply a matter of “RELEASING” the subconscious blocks you’ve put up to fully experiencing it!

The art of “Releasing” intuition blocks is the second energy the I Ching wants you to work with, to fully awaken your superpower of intuition.

Releasing Practice: Reframing your Intuition Beliefs

Here are some common intuition blocks that may be affecting you, along with some powerful reframes to help you release those blocks. Try these out, or come up with your own.

  1. SELF-DOUBT: This can show up as not believing you are an intuitive being at all. Or constantly doubting the guidance you get. You may often wonder, “Am I just making this sh*t up?!”

    • Healing Reframe: I release any self-doubt that’s blocking my natural power of intuition. I AM an intuitive being! It is my birth right.

    • Healing Reframe: I allow myself to simply EXPERIMENT, PLAY, and HAVE FUN with my intuition, as I work to strengthen it.

  2. CONTROL: This shows up as trying to force a specific message or guidance. You already know what you want to hear, so you only look for clues to support your theory (and block out all else).

    • Healing Reframe: I release my need for complete control. And I trust that the Divine/Universe/God can see more than my rational mind can comprehend, and is guiding me towards whatever is in my highest and best.

  3. IMPATIENCE: This shows up as needing an answer now! Intuition and the Divine don’t work within the linear time constraints we’re used to living by. Truth and guidance comes in perfect Divine timing.

    • Healing Reframe: I release my need to know now. I surrender to Divine timing. And I trust I will know exactly what I need to know, when I need to know it.

  4. DISTRACTION: This shows up as constant thinking and doing. When you’re always using that active power of the Mind, you’re never allowing yourself to get into that “receptive” space we talked about above. And thus you’ll never perceive the intuitive nudges that are right there, begging to be seen.

    • Healing Reframe: I release my addiction to constant doing. I trust in the healing power of receptivity. And I give myself permission to simply BE.

The key to “Releasing” is to uncover your specific intuition blocks, and then work directly to release them. Start with the blocks above that resonate, and then reflect to see if you have any other blocks keeping you from fully embracing your power of intuition. Again, have fun with this!

And remember, like most things, this is a journey.

Just reading and mentally learning about intuition isn’t enough to reawaken it. That’s just trying to use your mental powers to build your intuitive powers…which doesn’t work by the way.

You awaken and strengthen your intuition muscle by using it (like with the tools above). The more you use it, the stronger it gets, and the more confident and unstoppable you’ll feel in your life!!

Want more support awakening and strengthening your intuition?

The I Ching (in combination with some other simple tools) has been instrumental in my intuition and confidence journey over the years!

If you want to experience how an I Ching Session can help you awaken and strengthen your intuition too, check out my “I Ching Intuition Sessions” here!

Or if you have questions, you can contact me here.