How to Feel Grounded and Hop Off the Emotional Crisis Cycle

Image by Danielle Beth/  TevaExpress

Image by Danielle Beth/ TevaExpress

In case you haven't heard, it's a new moon this Saturday.  New moons are a powerful time to set intentions for what you'd like to start attracting into your life over the next month. More specifically, this month's new moon falls in Leo.  

Since Leo is a courageous, confident, and fearless sign, this new moon reminds you to stand in your power, follow your heart, and honor your true-self. This is the quickest and least resistant path to deep fulfillment and joy in your life and in love.  

So you may be thinking, "Yeah that sounds fantastic, Dana.  But what do you really mean by 'stand in your power and follow your heart' ?  How do I actually do that?"  Well, a great place to start is by setting boundaries, communicating your needs, and honoring your values by sticking to what's truly important to you. 

And, how do you know if your actually setting healthy boundaries, communicating effectively, and honoring your values?  It's simple.  

When you're standing in your power, following your heart, and honoring what's important to you, you'll naturally feel a sense of ease, flow, expansion, and connection in your life and relationships.

On the contrary, when your not standing in your power or aligned with your heart, and when your not honoring your boundaries, values, or needs, you'll feel tension, anxiety, contraction, and disconnection in your life and relationships. You'll also notice that you experience a lot of, what I like to call, "Emotional Crises".

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This is a state where you're ruled by intense emotions like fear, anger, or jealousy, which then send your body into a panicked and reactive mode. Your heart starts pounding; your breathing becomes fast and shallow; your mind races with irrational thoughts and fears.

Being in an emotional crisis state actually blocks you from connecting with your heart and place of power.  Making decisions and taking action from this state is a recipe for disaster.  

If you're constantly doing or saying things you later regret, you're likely making decisions from this state.  You're reacting to ego generated emotions vs. responding from your heart and power center.  Consistently taking action from this space may end up ruining relationships or great opportunities in your life.

If you experience this emotional crisis state frequently, now (under this Leo new moon) is a great time to learn how to manage it, so you can begin to set healthy boundaries, communicate effectively, honor your values, and get rid of that constant tension you feel.  You'll begin to feel free and in control of your life again.

The quicker you learn how to hop off that emotional crises cycle, the sooner you'll begin making good decisions that bring you back in alignment with your heart and place of power. And the sooner you'll have the life and relationship of your dreams.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to move from a state of emotional crisis, to feeling calm, grounded, and in a place of power is through your breath.  

Controlling the breath is a prerequisite to controlling the mind and the body.
— Swami Rama

Both yogis and our western science now prove that by voluntarily slowing and deepening your breath, you can change the messages being sent to your brain and trigger the release of hormones that relax your body. This is huge for those of us that wish we had more control over our emotional state on a moment-to-moment basis!

The exercise below is so simple, yet powerful, in shifting you from an emotional crisis state to a calm, balanced, and relaxed state.

  1. Bring your awareness to your breath. You'll probably notice it's super shallow and quick.
  2. Now consciously DEEPEN and SLOW your breathing. Feel your breath as it enters your nose and pull it down deep into the pit of your belly. You should feel your belly expand as the breath fills it. Like a Buddha belly! You can even place the palm of your hand on it to make sure it’s expanding. Really focus on this conscious, slow, deep breathing for at least a minute or so. Do it until you feel your heart beat slow, and you feel more calm and relaxed.
When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace.
— unknown

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