Meditation Beyond Relaxation: What's next?

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I've always been a natural seeker, and I'm constantly working towards becoming the best (or truest) version of myself possible. And if I'm being honest, it's been a serious pain in the ass at times. But settling and mediocrity is just not in my DNA. 

Anytime I inadvertently settle (in love, work, health etc.), I get a gentle intuitive nudge to keep changing.

These gentle nudges first come in the form of internal struggle or general feelings of discontent. But the longer I ignore these feelings, the stronger (and less gentle) they become. Eventually nudge turns to shove get the picture.

Growing up I didn't recognize these "nudges and shoves" as helpful guidance, but rather as emotional and mental crises that brought up a lot of anxiety and overwhelm. So while I may have appeared to be a normal teenager on the outside, internally much of those years were spent in a constant state of over-analysis and anxiousness. It wasn't until college that I realized living like that, while common, wasn't natural. So I looked for healing and found meditation.

As I dabbled in meditation for the first few years, I noticed the immediate benefit of relaxation.

My constant state of emotional and mental noise lessened, and I was content. But as I stopped having to constantly put out emotional fires (so to speak), I began to see areas of my life that felt lack luster or just plain crappy and stuck.

So I once again turned to meditation for answers.

I was ready to take my practice beyond relaxation and begin transforming all the areas of my life where I was settling or stuck in undesirable patterns (like my love life at the time).

And while I'd heard this sort of life transformation was possible through meditation, I wasn't quite sure how to achieve it. Well I'm happy to say that after years of study and trial and error, I've found some answers.

Here are some of the key things I've learned on my journey:

  1. Transforming stuck life circumstances is a process that happens in distinct steps. Knowing these steps is extremely helpful as you work towards changing your life.
  2. There are many different types of meditation, and each has its own specific benefits.
  3. Each step of the transformation process has meditation types best suited to it. Knowing what practice is best for each step will help you flow through the process with much more ease.
  4. There's a root skill necessary for all types of meditation. Constant distraction and frustration calming your mind during meditation (or anytime), may be a sign you need to cultivate this skill first.
  5. And lastly, change doesn't happen overnight! In order to achieve long-lasting transformation, commitment (and constant re-commitment) to create change is essential. This means, you've got to make your practice part of your daily life and not just something you turn to when shit hits the fan.

If you're ready to take your meditation practice from relaxation to transformation (or at least curious how it's done), then I've got special gift for you! I've created a blueprint that outlines each stage of the transformation through meditation process + the best type of meditation for each stage.

So if you feel stuck getting lasting change in any aspect of your life and aren't ready to spend hundreds of dollars on psychics, therapists, or healers for answers, download your free guide "Meditation for Transformation Blueprint: 4 Steps to Gain Clarity, Get Unstuck, and Change Your Life for Good"