I Ching Full Moon Wisdom {October}

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Full moons are always a potent time. Energetically ripe for transformation. Taking time monthly during the full moon to reflect and reassess your life can be a powerful practice. Having a full moon practice has consistently helped me shift difficult and stagnant areas of my life. A couple years ago, I began combining my favorite oracle and spiritual tool, the I Ching, with my full moon practice and KABAM, "I Ching Full Moon Wisdom" readings were born. 

So to assist us in harnessing this month's full moon energy for transformation, I asked the I Ching, "What is this Taurus full moon all about, and How can we best utilize it now that's in our highest and best?" 

And it answered with Hexagram #64, Not Yet Across. (hexagrams are the language of the I Ching).

This is interesting because the hexagrams are cyclical starting at #1 and ending at #64 before they loop back to #1. So #1 represents a new beginning while #64 is the moment just before a new beginning.

This time of "Not Yet Across" represents the moment just before we complete a cycle in our life. 

We are poised at the beginning of a new venture, and this moment when heaven and earth pause between inhalation and exhalation is sacred, terrible, peaceful, [fertile].
— The I Ching*

Getting this hexagram now signifies that there's an aspect of your life that's really ripe for completion or letting go. And once you let it go you will complete this cycle (or lesson) and begin a new one. Take a moment now to reflect on what that aspect is. Close your eyes and ask yourself (you may want to grab your journal and write it down):

What in my life is ripe for releasing now?

Is it a relationship with a friend or lover that's done? A job? Or perhaps it's a thought or behavior pattern that's no longer serving you?

Whatever it is, holding onto it is holding you back from evolving in that aspect of your life. Blocking you from allowing something better to come along....a new beginning to start. It's holding you back from realizing fully that lesson that's ready to be learned. 

Wisdom is to act in that measureless juncture between beginning and ending.
— The I Ching*

When we continue to hold onto things that are ripe for releasing, they begin to rot and stagnate us.

Letting go of things that we're attached to (even when they're ripe for releasing) can feel scary and even dangerous. But it's a necessary and empowering part of our growth. And it will always make room for something better and more aligned with our soul to come in. 

Crossing [between ending and new beginning] is dangerous. When we are not yet across, there is more risk than chance of accomplishment. We have to get to the other side before our plans can unfold.
— The I Ching*

So how do we know what's starting to rot and needs to be released?

First, you must trust that you have this knowledge inside of you (because you do!). Second, give yourself some time and space this week to reflect and/or journal on it. 

And if you still feel stuck knowing what to release, taking a look at your values can be very helpful during this Taurus full moon.

The Taurus Moon is shining a light on what you love and value. Your freedom and joy is in your ability to live authentically and in alignment with your core values.
— Kelley Rosano @ MysticMama

TRY THIS >> Grab your journal and reflect on these question.

  • What are your non-negotiables in life? What feelings do you strive to embody each day? 
  • Now reflect on one or two places where you feel the most struggle right now.
  • Now ask yourself: Which struggles are due to a disconnect in my values?
  • When you can start to see that a difficult circumstance in your life is caused by you not honoring your values (whether it's a relationship, an internal thought or behavior pattern, etc) >> THIS IS A SIGN OF SOMETHING ROTTING AND READY TO BE RELEASED FROM YOUR LIFE.

So on this full moon, I invite you to take advantage of this potent energy and feel for what's past its ripe date, ready to be digested into wisdom, and over due to be released from your life. And I ask you to give yourself permission to learn the lesson and LET IT GO.

Once you do, you'll shift from this hexagram of  "ALMOST ACROSS" to completing this cycle. And you'll allow the space and resources to nurture the seeds of something amazing and new to come along.