The One Realization That Has Curbed My Anxiety and Brought Me Peace (even in the midst of chaos)

I had a really powerful sunset meditation last night where I just watched the sky change colors as the sun set (somewhere over my neighbors' houses since I'm on the east coast! lol). And it got me contemplating the idea of cycles and change.

I believe the root of a lot of our anxiety and lack of lasting peace, is due to our inability to accept (and flow with) the very natural occurrence of cycles and change in our lives.

Before I truly embraced cycles and change (on an experiential level not just a theoretical level), I never felt at peace for long. I'd have moments (during meditation, in nature, etc.), but the peace was always fleeting.

But then I began to learn about cycles and saw that they were happening all around (and within) me, all the time- no matter what I did or didn't do.

I began to realize that the beginnings and endings of cycles felt the hardest (which is why I tended to avoid them for as long as possible- even if it meant staying in mediocre or downright crappy situations).

I soon learned that the more I accepted and understood how to navigate these cycles, the more I could use them to my advantage. And the more peace (and less anxiety) I felt, even in the thickest of chaos. And then the more my life began to miraculously transform.

There are currently lots of cycles ending and beginning in the next couple of weeks. Which means energies are being stirred up, and there is great opportunity for some real insight and transformation (if you're willing to look within and do the work)!

We've got the Spring Equinox on Sunday (yay spring!!) and a lunar eclipse + full moon on Wednesday.

These shifting cycles can stir up some discomfort in us as well (to help us begin to see and release anything that's holding us back from growth and true peace and happiness). So if you're feeling really triggered or stuck anywhere in your life, these next couple of weeks are especially powerful to go within and gain insight to shift those blocks for good!

My greatest teacher on cycles and change has been something called the "I Ching" (aka. Book of Changes). It's an oracle and ancient Chinese wisdom book that has truly changed how I think and live my life. I've been working with the I Ching for years (studied it in acupuncture school), and it's been the most powerful tool I've found when it comes to connecting to my intuition, hearing guidance from the universe, getting unstuck quickly, and working with cycles and change like a pro! 

If you're feeling really stuck with some aspect of your life and are curious how the "I Ching" can help you gain clarity and forward movement (especially during this Equinox/ Full Moon/ Eclipse period), click here to learn more or to set up a free 15 min discovery session.