I Ching Full Moon Wisdom {February}

Full moons are always an energetically potent time, ripe for bringing about great transformation. Taking time monthly during the full moon to reflect, has consistently helped me stay on purpose and shift difficult and stagnant areas of my life. A few years ago, I began combining my favorite oracle and spiritual tool, the I Ching, with my full moon practice and KABAM, "I Ching Moon" readings were born. 

So to assist us in utilizing this month's full moon energy for transformation, I asked the I Ching, what energies are most potent, now and how we can best use them. (fyi: the I Ching speaks through something called hexagrams)

The answer it gave was Hexagram #35, "ADVANCING".

We are currently in a very fortuitous time! The I Ching describes this time as, outer fortune coinciding with inner power. And after practically a whole month of Mercury retrograde (which is more a time of holding for many), we now find ourselves in a time where flow and potential for progress is great. 

I am definitely feeling this energy right now. And in fact, there's this sense that the year is just getting started. January and early February felt a bit like trudging through mud. I had a lot of ideas for new projects but none felt quite ready to move forward. Then a couple weeks ago, one of my ideas (a meditation challenge) really started to take shape. I went deep into my "creative cave" and spent my energy creating and planning.

And when I emerged 6 days ago and put my creative endeavor out into the world, that feeling of trudging through mud was replaced by the sensation of flowing down a fast moving river.

And next thing I knew, there were over 100 people signed up!

This is what "ADVANCING" feels like.

Advancing happens when our own goals agree with the times.
— The I Ching

To make the most of this opportune time, here are some things to keep in mind:

1) Be careful not to overextend yourself.

You may be tempted to, given the current flow of energy, but this would be dangerous. Instead find a balance between taking advantage of this time of "advancing", and also accumulating your resources (time, energy, money, etc) for later. Focus on using this powerful energy to increase support systems and create connections that will be beneficial later. Because the time of "advancing" will not last forever.

2) If you don't feel this energy of flow and advancing in your own life, take some time to go within and reflect.

Are you blocking yourself from this energy in any way? Is fear or doubt holding you back?

To allow the outer "advancing" of this time to happen for you, it may be first necessary to allow inner "advancing" by uncovering and releasing whatever blocks you've subconsciously put up. And this is an opportune time to do that too, under the power of full moon.

Whether you feel the "advancing" energy and just need some insight on how to flow through with balance, OR you feel blocked from this energy, you can benefit from going within now. 

Meditation, especially reflection and releasing practices, are appropriate for all during the full moon. 

If you need help getting started or just creating more consistency with your meditation practice, I have a free challenge starting tomorrow! Click below to sign up.