I Ching Full Moon Wisdom {March}

Full moons are always an energetically potent time, ripe for bringing about great transformation. And also known for stirring up emotions, to help shine a light on your blocks, so you can release them. This month, during the full moon, we also have an eclipse which adds to the deeply reflective power of the time. This means that if you're feeling stuck or confused in your life, it's an especially easy time to connect to your inner wisdom and gain the insight for solutions and forward movement. 

Making time monthly during the full moon to reflect, has consistently helped me stay on purpose and shift difficult and stagnant areas of my life. A few years ago, I began combining my favorite oracle and spiritual tool, the I Ching, with my full moon practice and KABAM, the "I Ching Moon Wisdom" was born. 

So to assist us in utilizing this month's full moon energy for transformation, I asked the I Ching, what energies are most potent now and how can we best use them. (fyi: the I Ching speaks in a language called hexagrams)

The answer it gave was Hexagram #62, "SMALL CROSSING".

"Small Crossing" has a couple meanings and lessons that you can benefit from right now. The first is "small crossing" as in "a slight excess". The second is "small crossing" as in  "a small step past a milestone" (aka. a baby-step). So what exactly does this mean for you right now? Let's break it down.

1) Small Crossing as "A SLIGHT EXCESS"

Taking firm control over our lives will inevitably lead to small excesses as we struggle for control over ourselves.
— I Ching

The lesson here is that as you journey in your life and grow, there will be times when you go too far. You go past your boundaries. You make mistakes. Maybe there's even a mistake you've made recently that's causing you guilt, regret, or shame. Or perhaps someone else has wronged you and it's causing you pain.

Take this as a gentle reminder to forgive yourself (or someone else) and move on.

2) Small Crossing as a "BABY STEP"

People never fully comprehend the full power of the small. For the wise, it takes only a touch to set a wheel turning– and then that wheel amplifies the power of their touch.
— I Ching

Grand actions or big life overhauls aren't needed right now. It's the correct little shift, the "baby steps", that will make all the difference in your life now. This is such a crucial lesson! The big dream is important and serves as a compass for all of your decisions. But sometimes your ideal relationship, job, or life in general seem so far out of reach that you get overwhelmed wondering how you'll get there. This can lead to anxiety, depression, and possibly giving up altogether.

So this hexagram is a reminder that once you see the big picture vision, just start by taking tiny baby-steps in that direction.

And if you don't know what the your ideal big picture looks like, or you're not sure what baby-step to take, now is a powerful time to go within and get some answers! 

::Try This>> (get quiet and meditate on these)

  • Where do you feel most stuck right now? 
  • Visualization Meditation: If you had a magic wand, what would that stuck situation look and feel like instead? Imagine it (in detail) using as many senses as possible. What are your main feelings in this ideal scenario? (ie. adventurous, free, connected, etc.)
  • Reflection Meditation 1: Ask "What is one small "baby step" that will bring me closer to [ideal scenario]?
  • Reflection Meditation 2: Ask "What is one small thing I need to release (think belief, thought, behavior, a person, etc.) that is blocking me from creating [ideal scenario]?
    • Visualize that small thing being released from your energy field and floating into a fire to be transformed.

Sometimes the best next baby-step is an action, but sometimes just a simple mindset shift can powerfully catalyze change.

For example a had a lovely client who came to me feeling depressed and stuck in her career (and other aspects of her life). After a 45 minute session (plus a few days to process the shifts), she had several aha moments and went from feeling exhausted and very stuck, to feeling hopeful again. We also discussed some meditations she could do to keep the energy flowing and the clarity coming. Nothing in her physical "stuck" big picture necessarily shifted immediately. But her mental and energetic state went from depressed (contracted) to hopeful (open).

She then received an email as if by magic (or coincidence, depending on your beliefs), from a friend recommending her for a great new job! Getting that email likely added to her hope and expansive feelings, which will likely attract more opportunity her way.

So when you're feeling stuck and overwhelmed, please do not underestimate the power of a little clarity and a baby-step!

If you're feeling stuck anywhere in your life right now, try the meditations above for clarity as to your next baby-step. If you're new to meditation or need help tapping into your inner wisdom to uncover your best next steps, you can learn more about my I Ching Clarity Sessions here.