Full Moon I Ching Wisdom {June 2017}

Full moons are always a potent time, ripe for bringing about great personal growth and transformation. They're also known for stirring up difficult emotions (as a way to help you see and release any blocks or non-serving patterns). And they're an especially powerful time to go deep within and gain insight to help propel yourself towards the creation of your deepest desires.

 My favorite tool to tap into the specific full moon energy each month is an oracle system called the I Ching. So here's what the I Ching has to say about how best to use this month's Full Moon energy to create the change you crave in your life!

After setting up my sacred space and grounding, I asked the I Ching,

"How can we use this potent Full Moon energy, to step more fully into our power, align more powerfully with our true-selves, and create our deepest soul desires and dreams that are ready to be manifest in this world now?".

(fyi: the I Ching speaks in a language called hexagrams)

And it answered us with Hexagram, #8 "JOINING".

As an introvert and sensitive, I have a huge tendency to isolate myself cozily in my home, especially when I feel stuck or when I'm experiencing the mental and emotional heaviness that can come along with growth. And I know a lot of you share these same tendencies!

The I Ching wants to remind us that while alone time is extremely powerful and necessary, so is leaving the cave and joining with others in community.

This is an especially powerful time to achieve your own transformation and dream manifestation, through the act of JOINING with others.

Without joining two pieces of wood we would have neither furniture or houses. Without joining with others, it is impossible to build any great endeavor.
— Deng Ming-Dao, The Living I Ching

So what exactly does "JOINING" mean for you? Well it's going to look differently for everyone. For me right now, it means saying "yes" more when my girlfriends invite me out (even when my introvert instincts react with excuses to go home and relax on the couch, lol). It means I push out of my shy shell to teach more, and I host more moon rituals to bring women together in spiritual community. And it also means I reach out more to connect with fellow female leaders, and I actively seek out opportunities to be interviewed by peers (I did a couple last month and they were fun!!).

"JOINING" for you may look very different depending on what you're working to heal or manifest right now in your life.

The key is to go within to uncover where you need to embody more of this "JOINING" energy in your own life now. For some of you, "JOINING" might simply be getting a cup of tea with a friend once a week, instead of isolating yourself at home because you're in a funk. Or it might be choosing to read or do work out of a coffee shop instead of from your home. For others, this could mean partnering up with someone on a project or enlisting other community leaders to help you get your work or gifts out in a bigger way. Or it could mean hiring a mentor or coach to help you reach some of your life or health goals.


Here's a simple reflection practice to help you uncover how the power of "JOINING" can help you step more fully into your power, align more powerfully with your true-self, and start to create your deepest soul desires during this full moon cycle.

  1. Take a moment to ground yourself with some mindful breaths.
  2. Think of somewhere you feel stuck in your life right now. Or you can think of something you deeply crave, but have had trouble manifesting.
  3. Grab a journal if you'd like to write down what comes up for you. (I recommend this since writing can help you tap into that more intuitive, creative part of yourself).
  4. Ask yourself "How can I invoke the power of JOINING now, to spark more flow with (insert stuck situation or desire)?" 
  5. And then just allow whatever comes up to surface. Don't sensor or judge yourself. Simply allow everything to flow with curiosity. And have fun with it!
Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.
— Helen Keller