I Ching Moon Message {September 2017}

Making time for deeper reflection and working with oracle systems are two main tools that have helped me find more peace, get unstuck, and quickly create the changes I crave in all areas of my life. Full moons (and also new moons) are an especially powerful time to pause, go within, and gain the insight that will catalyze that peace, forward movement, and change you so deeply desire.

So each month at the full moon, I consult my favorite oracle system (the I Ching) on your behalf and ask, "What do we need to know about the current moon energy AND How can we best use it to move more powerfully along our path, and manifest what we desire most in our lives?"

This month the I Ching answers us with hexagram #27, "NOURISHING".

You are the product of everything you put into your body and mind...If you are satisfied, then continue your input habits, for they are producing the current situation. If you are discontent you must seriously alter your appetites.
— R.L. Wing, The I Ching Workbook

Major energetic shifts are going on all around you right now. Besides today's full moon, Mercury went direct yesterday, which means the chaos and intense emotions you may have felt over the past month will soon start to settle. We're also shifting seasons which means the fiery, fast-paced energy of summer is dying down, as the the slower more grounded energy of fall sets in.

The message for you now is: As you adjust to these external energetic shifts, it's especially important to NOURISH yourself at this time! This self-nourishment is what will help you make the transition with grace (rather than crash landing into the new season and energetic frequency).

Also remember you're made up of a BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT. So it's not enough to just nourish your body. You've got to care for all three parts of your being.

Another important aspect of "NOURISHING" to consider right now has to do with your relationships, because you also gain or lose nourishment from them. Specifically look at HOW you nourish others, and WHO you're choosing to nourish right now.

If a relationship is sapping your energy or you aren't getting what you need or want from someone right now, consider the following two things.

  1. Take a look at the quality of what you're giving to others. Do you offer inspiration or discouragement? Are you trying to be helpful or are you constantly being argumentative, judgmental, and defensive? The I Ching says, "The correct nourishing of those close to you is vital to your sense of well-being, for such supportive activity will ultimately come back to you in kind."
  2. Take a look at who you're choosing to nourish or give your energy to. Make sure that you're only giving your energy to those who are worthy of it. The I Ching says, "If you nourish people who are worthy and who will provide nourishment back to you and others, you will achieve great effects [in your life and the world]." But if you consistently nourish those who are unworthy of your support, you'll drain yourself and simply waste energy that would be better spent elsewhere.

Need help knowing who's worthy of your energy and nourishment? The I Ching has a tip for that too. Take a look at how others nourish themselves. Observe their character traits and habits.

If they are inferior traits, then she takes into herself inferior things and will have nothing to offer you. If her character traits are worthy of praise, that which she chooses to ingest is superior and she may have much that is worthwhile to give.
— R.L Wing, The I Ching Workbook
Me making time (and finding the perfect space!) to nourish my body, mind, and spirit while on vacation in San diego!

Me making time (and finding the perfect space!) to nourish my body, mind, and spirit while on vacation in San diego!


If the above message resonates with you, and you know you're struggling when it comes to proper nourishment of yourself and others, here's a reflection practice that'll help you gain the clarity you need to get back on track this month. Take 10-15 minutes to do it now, or create space for it in your schedule sometime this week. 

Find a quiet place you can sit comfortably, and take a few moments to ground yourself (try some mindful breathing).

When you feel calm and grounded, ask yourself the following questions. Optionally, you can journal on these questions too. And trust that your inner wise woman (or man) has the answers. 

  1. BODY: What does my body need this month to feel fully nourished? What habits do I need to release that are blocking my body from feeling nourished? Am I giving my body enough rest through proper sleep
  2. MIND: What does my mind need this month to feel fully nourished? What habits do I need to release that are blocking my mind from feeling fully nourished? (ie. negative thoughts; negative self-talk; etc.) Am I giving my mind enough rest by staying present with mindfulness?
  3. SPIRIT: What does my spirit need this month to feel fully nourished? Am I taking enough time to regularly disengage from my mind and connect with my spirit, through moments of mindfulness and reflection?
  4. OTHER PEOPLE: Am I nourishing others with inspiration and positivity? Are those I'm nourishing even worthy of my energy? Who in my life is serving as an "energy vampire", constantly taking much more than they give in return? And how can I adjust the relationship so it feels more nourishing and balanced?

I was speaking to energy healer Sweta Iyer last night, and she mentioned a period after mercury retrograde called the "mercury retrograde shadow period".  We are now in this shadow period (for about two weeks), and it's a really powerful time to implement change in your life. Those new habits you've had a hard time implementing during mercury retrograde, will feel much easier to embrace over the next two weeks during this shadow period.

So take look at your insights from the reflection above, and get to work! Don't waste this precious time!

If creating a consistent meditation practice (that fits easily into your daily life) is part of your self-nourishment plan right now, let's talk!

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Full Moon I Ching Wisdom {June 2017}

Full moons are always a potent time, ripe for bringing about great personal growth and transformation. They're also known for stirring up difficult emotions (as a way to help you see and release any blocks or non-serving patterns). And they're an especially powerful time to go deep within and gain insight to help propel yourself towards the creation of your deepest desires.

 My favorite tool to tap into the specific full moon energy each month is an oracle system called the I Ching. So here's what the I Ching has to say about how best to use this month's Full Moon energy to create the change you crave in your life!

After setting up my sacred space and grounding, I asked the I Ching,

"How can we use this potent Full Moon energy, to step more fully into our power, align more powerfully with our true-selves, and create our deepest soul desires and dreams that are ready to be manifest in this world now?".

(fyi: the I Ching speaks in a language called hexagrams)

And it answered us with Hexagram, #8 "JOINING".

As an introvert and sensitive, I have a huge tendency to isolate myself cozily in my home, especially when I feel stuck or when I'm experiencing the mental and emotional heaviness that can come along with growth. And I know a lot of you share these same tendencies!

The I Ching wants to remind us that while alone time is extremely powerful and necessary, so is leaving the cave and joining with others in community.

This is an especially powerful time to achieve your own transformation and dream manifestation, through the act of JOINING with others.

Without joining two pieces of wood we would have neither furniture or houses. Without joining with others, it is impossible to build any great endeavor.
— Deng Ming-Dao, The Living I Ching

So what exactly does "JOINING" mean for you? Well it's going to look differently for everyone. For me right now, it means saying "yes" more when my girlfriends invite me out (even when my introvert instincts react with excuses to go home and relax on the couch, lol). It means I push out of my shy shell to teach more, and I host more moon rituals to bring women together in spiritual community. And it also means I reach out more to connect with fellow female leaders, and I actively seek out opportunities to be interviewed by peers (I did a couple last month and they were fun!!).

"JOINING" for you may look very different depending on what you're working to heal or manifest right now in your life.

The key is to go within to uncover where you need to embody more of this "JOINING" energy in your own life now. For some of you, "JOINING" might simply be getting a cup of tea with a friend once a week, instead of isolating yourself at home because you're in a funk. Or it might be choosing to read or do work out of a coffee shop instead of from your home. For others, this could mean partnering up with someone on a project or enlisting other community leaders to help you get your work or gifts out in a bigger way. Or it could mean hiring a mentor or coach to help you reach some of your life or health goals.


Here's a simple reflection practice to help you uncover how the power of "JOINING" can help you step more fully into your power, align more powerfully with your true-self, and start to create your deepest soul desires during this full moon cycle.

  1. Take a moment to ground yourself with some mindful breaths.
  2. Think of somewhere you feel stuck in your life right now. Or you can think of something you deeply crave, but have had trouble manifesting.
  3. Grab a journal if you'd like to write down what comes up for you. (I recommend this since writing can help you tap into that more intuitive, creative part of yourself).
  4. Ask yourself "How can I invoke the power of JOINING now, to spark more flow with (insert stuck situation or desire)?" 
  5. And then just allow whatever comes up to surface. Don't sensor or judge yourself. Simply allow everything to flow with curiosity. And have fun with it!
Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.
— Helen Keller

Full Moon I Ching Wisdom {July}

Full moons are always an energetically potent time, ripe for bringing about great transformation. They're also known for stirring up emotions, to help shine a light on your blocks, so you can release them and create more flow and alignment in your life.

To assist us in utilizing this month's full moon energy to our advantage, I asked my favorite oracle and spiritual tool, the I Ching, what energies are most potent now, and how we can best use them to create growth and change in our lives. (fyi: the I Ching speaks in a language called hexagrams)

The answer it gave us is Hexagram #16, "Delight" or "Enthusiasm".

A big part of what I teach is that obstacles and struggles are your greatest opportunities to find your way back to your true-self, your purpose, and your deepest fulfillment. But I'll be the first to admit that, while extremely powerful, using your obstacles and shadow parts for growth isn't often easy. And sometimes it starts to feel so heavy that you get burnt out doing the work.

This hexagram reminds us that there are other, lighter ways to evolve and grow into your best self (when you need a break from the heavy stuff).

Following your "Delight" or enthusiasm is another path towards your purpose, truth, and happiness.

Proper enthusiasm opens every door.
— I Ching (translation by Brian Browne Walker)

Simply start noticing what what lights you up. What delights you? What brings you joy? And then follow that path!

There's a small caveat to this method. The I Ching points out that there is a difference between "proper enthusiasm" and "improper enthusiasm".

Proper enthusiasm is cultivated from your soul, while improper enthusiasm is cultivated from your ego.

So the key to using your "Delight" to guide you back to your true-self, is through learning how to differentiate between your ego's enthusiasm and desires, and those of your soul. Ego delights will provide temporary feel good, while soul delights will bring deep and long-lasting fulfillment and happiness.

Separating guidance from the ego and soul isn't always easy. The ego is tricky and likes to disguise its messages as soul messages. But there is a way to learn how to tell the difference.

The best way to easily begin to differentiate between the ego's and soul's delights is through a regular meditation practice. 

When I'm meditating regularly, I feel more directly connected to my inner wise-woman who isn't fooled by the ego. She sees right through that bs! And when I neglect my practice, ego guidance starts to slip through and lead me astray.

Take Action: Play with letting your delight guide you this month. Notice when ego delight leads you off path, and when soul delight guides you back. And notice what helps you differentiate the two easier, so you can do more of that.

And if you've been wanting to start or become more consistent with your meditation practice, I invite you to participate in the new 12 Day Meditation Challenge. It's Free and it's happening right here in my "Meditate with Ease" Facebook community, starting July 21st!