I Ching Wisdom Message {September 2018}

We’ve made it through the “weird and intense” (in my clients words) energies of Eclipse Season and Mercury Retrograde this summer! Hallelujah! So now that the energetic tides are shifting once again, what do we do?

I consulted with my favorite Oracle system, the I Ching, to find out.

The I Ching speaks in hexagrams, and has used the hexagrams “REFORM” and “EXCHANGE” to describe these new energies moving in. 

So grab a cup of tea, get cozy, and read on to find out exactly what "REFORM" and "EXCHANGE" mean and how you can use them now to create some powerful shifts in your own life.

The work many of you were called to do this summer during Eclipse Season was what I refer to as "walking the path of darkness". You were forced to face your discomfort and triggers, so you could go deep into the depths of yourSELF and bring light and awareness to old wounds (that were ripe to be healed) and anywhere you had fallen out of alignment with your soul desires. It was a very difficult and emotionally challenging time for many!

But now that Eclipse season has ended, and Mercury and Mars have just gone direct, you’re likely feeling a newfound lightness, flow, and inspiration returning. You've uncovered what you needed to in the darkness (for now), and are now being invited to integrate it in a more playful way, as you "walk the path of light". 

You see, the important message that's ripe for learning now is that LIGHT and DARK (yin and yang) are two parts of one whole. The energies are meant to work together (in EXCHANGE) to help you grow and reach your full potential and purpose in this life.

Without integrating the experiences you have during times of darkness with times of light, you won't be processing lessons and growing as quickly and smoothly as you could (and thus it'll take you much longer to reach your potential and find true happiness...if you ever do in this lifetime).

The heavier energetic times of DARKNESS or yin (which we're leaving now), exist to:

  • shake you up, trigger you, and make you feel uncomfortable,
  • force you to slow way down so you can reflect deeply on those uncomfortable or stuck areas,
  • help you see exactly how you are feeding your own suffering, and what you need to change/release/do differently so you can heal and get back into alignment.

So while the heavier times of darkness are insanely powerful for gaining deep truth and clarity, it's often difficult to do the heavy lifting needed to create physical change, during that time.

This is simply because you’re using most of your energy trying to get clarity, while also staying grounded enough to keep your emotions from overwhelming you. The truth is, many people go into a really dark, hopeless, helpless, lonely place during times of darkness...and it takes every ounce of energy they can muster to simply survive. 

But if you do survive the darkness, the tides will always change bringing the light back in.

The energetic times of LIGHT or yang, on the other hand, are there to pull you out of that dark hole, and bring back lightness, flow, excitement, inspiration, possibility, and motivation.

This time of light, which is returning now, is crucial for fully integrating what you uncovered during the time of darkness. And since your energy is no longer being consumed by managing your emotional turbulence (aka. staying sane) and gaining clarity, you can now more easily make the changes (REFORMS) needed to bring about healing and alignment.

The energetic times of LIGHT or yang (which we're entering now) give you space to:

  • process and celebrate the insights and lessons you gained during the time of darkness,
  • make the necessary changes to your thoughts, behaviors, and life, based on what you discovered during the time of darkness,
  • enjoy life to the fullest, and let yourself be guided by joy (and whatever lights you up)!

A message of CAUTION:

The I Ching also has a message of caution for you now. While you may have gained some clarity during the intense time of DARKNESS that's ending, it's very easy to forget what you learned and fall back into old patterns, once the flow and excitement of LIGHT sweeps in.

If you go back on auto-pilot and don't complete the healing and alignment that you started over the past couple months, you'll simply re-create those stagnant patterns. And you'll have to begin the healing process again, during the next wave of darkness.

IMAGE to help you understand these new energies:


A powerful way the universe gives us messages is through synchronicity (aka. meaningful coincidences). This weekend my pup found a deer skull on our camping trip. The first time he brought it to me I didn't think anything of it (except for "yuck! don't eat that!"). But then he brought it to me a second and third time! And, eventually, I got the message.

I looked up the symbolic meaning of deer and immediately knew it was meant to be shared with you here. Deer medicine helps you bring grace and intuition into your life, in even the most challenging times. And that grace and strong connection to your intuition, is exactly what's needed to flow smoothly between times of darkness and times of light.

Simply surviving the dark times, does not always lead you to your gifts and growth potential. You must do the work I described above. And going through life unconscious of these shifts and how to navigate them, is a very scary, lonely, and anxiety-inducing place to be!

But if you can navigate the ongoing dance between light and dark consciously and armed with the proper tools, it is a very empowering journey of finding your gifts, your power, and your purpose....and of living a life of true happiness and fulfillment.

And the most powerful way I've found to do this is through consistent meditation and spiritual practices.

If this message resonates with you and you've been wanting to start your own meditation practice, I invite you to join me for my free "Meditate with Ease: 7 Day Challenge" here.

You can read all about it and sign-up here. We get started in a couple weeks!!

Full Moon Energetic Reading

Reflection (and working with oracles) is one of the main meditation techniques that has helped me find more peace and continues to help me grow and create the change I crave in all areas of my life. Full moons (and new moons) are an especially powerful time to go within, so you can uncover what will get you closer to your desires (especially if you've been feeling stuck lately).

Each month at the full moon, I consult my favorite oracle system (the I Ching) and ask, "How can we can best use the current energies to move more powerfully along our path, and manifest what we desire most in our lives, right now?"

This month the I Ching answers us with hexagram #40, "LIBERATION".

Once you finally dispense with emotional ruts or resentments from former times, you will have an excellent opportunity for personal advancement...When liberation is complete, when the tensions of the storm have passed, your spirit will be refreshed and stimulated. The ground will be cleared for new growth, and the future will appear promising.
— R.L. Wing, The I Ching Workbook

This hexagram is a reminder that so much of what holds you back from manifesting or creating the change you desire in your life, is YOU, and not some outside person or force. 

Your own habitual mindsets and behaviors play the biggest role in whether or not you're able to manifest your desires. States of chronic fear, stress, and anxiety all contract your energy and keep you from doing what you need to do to create the things you crave most in love, money, career, health etc. 

So if you find you've been feeling stuck in some area of your life, and not able to create the change you so deeply want, the message for you is: NOW is the time LIBERATE yourself from those self-imposed mental and behavioral shackles! 

I'm no stranger to creating my own inner-shackles. And in fact I spent years allowing my anxiety, doubts, and stress to hold me back (without even realizing I was doing it!). It wasn't until I discovered meditation that I began to see 5 very specific mental and behavioral habits that were constantly keeping me stuck in a stressed state and blocking me from moving forward in certain areas of my life. 

When I was able to liberate myself from these 5 "stress habits" (aka. manifestation enemies), and replace them with their opposing "peace habits" (aka. manifestation allies), that's exactly when I began to see positive shifts in every area of my life- from love, to money, to health, etc. 

So if you're feeling blocked from manifesting anything in your life, stop looking for what more you need to do, and start looking at what mindset or behavior patterns you may need to liberate yourself from during this full moon. 

And if you struggle with chronic stress, fear, or anxiety, below are the 5 stress habits that blocked me from creating the change I craved in my life for years, and are very likely blocking you too! Take a moment to sit quietly and reflect on the following questions to determine if you need to liberate yourself from any of the these stress habits, to begin creating what it is you desire most right now. (and if you prefer journaling, you can also use these as journal prompts).

5 STRESS-HABITS that may be keeping you stuck from creating the change you so deeply crave in your life

1) DISTRACTION from the present.

  • Reflection Questions: "Do I have a habit of allowing my mind to constantly wander from the present to dwell on the past, or worry/obsess about the future? Do I constantly feel overwhelmed from multi-tasking and trying to do (or think about) too many things at once?"


  • Reflection Questions: "Do I often neglect my self-care by not honoring my own needs and boundaries? Do I often make excuses as to why I don't have time for self-care?"
    • **think overcommitting yourself, lax boundaries with others, not getting enough sleep, not getting enough mental rest (aka. meditation), not getting enough physical activity, poor eating and water drinking habits, overconsumption of coffee, alcohol, etc.

3) RESISTANCE to what is

  • Reflection Questions: "Do I tend to cling to pleasurable experiences and resist uncomfortable ones, forgetting that pain (physical and emotional) is a very natural (and often necessary) part of life and growth?"


  • Reflection Questions: "Do I expect perfection from myself, and tend towards shame, guilt, or negative self-talk any time I make a mistake, don't reach my goals quick enough, or fall back into an old pattern?" 


  • Reflection Questions: "Is there somewhere in my life I tend to take things very personally and often feel like a victim (of another's actions or a certain circumstance I find myself in)? Am I creating certain stories or meanings about this other person's actions or a circumstance, they may be untrue?"
    • For example when my boyfriend and I started dating, I had a tendency to take everything he said to me personally, and make it mean something about me and my self-worth. So if he was closed off or short with me, I immediately created a story in my head that his feelings for me had changed, or that I did something wrong. When in fact, there were many other reasons his energy and actions could have shifted! Turns out, it was usually work stress. 
    • So the key here is to realize you're making assumptions and stories up all the time! Start looking for them, because they're simply feeding your stress and keeping you stuck.

After you complete this reflection ritual, write down any breakthroughs or realizations you had. Then thank yourself for taking this time for self-care.

Happy full moon!

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I Ching Summer Solstice Wisdom {June}

I Ching Summer Solstice Wisdom {June}

This month we're surrounded by both the full moon and solstice energies. I've been working with the I Ching as my oracle system of choice for almost a decade, and I still get chills at how magically aligned its messages feel each and I every time I work with it. Whether it's for myself or for a client. And this month's message couldn't be more appropriate. 

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I Ching Full Moon Wisdom {November}

I Ching Hexagram 3

Full moons are always an energetically potent time, ripe for bringing about great transformation. Taking time monthly during the full moon to reflect has consistently helped me stay on purpose and shift difficult and stagnant areas of my life. A few years ago, I began combining my favorite oracle and spiritual tool, the I Ching, with my full moon practice and KABAM, "I Ching Moon Wisdom" readings were born. 

So to assist us in utilizing this month's full moon energy for transformation, I asked the I Ching, "What do we need to know about this Gemini full moon to harness its power + powerfully and ease-fully move forward in our lives?"  (hexagrams are the language of the I Ching)

And it answered with Hexagram #3, Sprouting (aka. Difficult Beginnings).

Watching my dad try his hand at gardening this year taught me that growing fruits and veggies isn't as easy as I had assumed. I learned planting seeds doesn't guarantee a plant will grow, and if it does grow, there's no guarantee it'll be healthy and delicious. Our lives are a lot like this.

Throughout the year you've likely spent a lot of time planting seeds for what you want to create in your life in 2015 (through your thoughts and intentions). Like my dad's garden, every single seed you've planted will not go from energetic seed to physical plant. But the ones you've nurtured most, will eventually begin to sprout into tangible form.

Getting this hexagram "Sprouting" now, indicates some of your nurtured seeds are finally beginning to manifest from the energy realm of intention into the physical realm of form.

We are at the dynamic moment in which an inner world change is beginning to precipitate into an outer world change.
— The I Ching

And like my dad's garden, just because something sprouts, doesn't mean it'll survive to its fullest expression. So the time of sprouting, when you first begin to glimpse the fruits of your labor, is both magical and terrifying.

Difficult beginnings arise where there are a perfusion of elements struggling to take form. Because your new environment has yet to fully materialize, much confusion surrounds any attempt to master it.
— The I Ching

Despite this confusion, The I Ching wants you to know that this time of "Sprouting" or "Difficult Beginnings" is completely natural. For now, what will benefit you the most is to pause and surrender to all the chaotic energy swirling around you as these seedlings begin to sprout.

You see, seeds can be planted both consciously and unconsciously. 

Seeds consciously planted and nurtured will often sprout into situations or things you desire, while unconsciously planted and nurtured ones may sprout into something undesirable. 

So your job during this full moon is to sit back and take stock of ALL the seeds you've been nurturing and have allowed to sprout in your life this year. This is a great ritual to do as 2015 completes, so you can be sure to only bring what you truly want into 2016.

Take some time this week (while the full moon energy is still potent) to journal on these questions.

  • Are the seeds taking form in my life now ones I want? If so, how can I continue to nurture them further to ensure their full fruition?
  • If not, what can I do (or stop doing) to ensure they grow no further?

I Ching Full Moon Wisdom {October}

rotten fruit.jpg

Full moons are always a potent time. Energetically ripe for transformation. Taking time monthly during the full moon to reflect and reassess your life can be a powerful practice. Having a full moon practice has consistently helped me shift difficult and stagnant areas of my life. A couple years ago, I began combining my favorite oracle and spiritual tool, the I Ching, with my full moon practice and KABAM, "I Ching Full Moon Wisdom" readings were born. 

So to assist us in harnessing this month's full moon energy for transformation, I asked the I Ching, "What is this Taurus full moon all about, and How can we best utilize it now that's in our highest and best?" 

And it answered with Hexagram #64, Not Yet Across. (hexagrams are the language of the I Ching).

This is interesting because the hexagrams are cyclical starting at #1 and ending at #64 before they loop back to #1. So #1 represents a new beginning while #64 is the moment just before a new beginning.

This time of "Not Yet Across" represents the moment just before we complete a cycle in our life. 

We are poised at the beginning of a new venture, and this moment when heaven and earth pause between inhalation and exhalation is sacred, terrible, peaceful, [fertile].
— The I Ching*

Getting this hexagram now signifies that there's an aspect of your life that's really ripe for completion or letting go. And once you let it go you will complete this cycle (or lesson) and begin a new one. Take a moment now to reflect on what that aspect is. Close your eyes and ask yourself (you may want to grab your journal and write it down):

What in my life is ripe for releasing now?

Is it a relationship with a friend or lover that's done? A job? Or perhaps it's a thought or behavior pattern that's no longer serving you?

Whatever it is, holding onto it is holding you back from evolving in that aspect of your life. Blocking you from allowing something better to come along....a new beginning to start. It's holding you back from realizing fully that lesson that's ready to be learned. 

Wisdom is to act in that measureless juncture between beginning and ending.
— The I Ching*

When we continue to hold onto things that are ripe for releasing, they begin to rot and stagnate us.

Letting go of things that we're attached to (even when they're ripe for releasing) can feel scary and even dangerous. But it's a necessary and empowering part of our growth. And it will always make room for something better and more aligned with our soul to come in. 

Crossing [between ending and new beginning] is dangerous. When we are not yet across, there is more risk than chance of accomplishment. We have to get to the other side before our plans can unfold.
— The I Ching*

So how do we know what's starting to rot and needs to be released?

First, you must trust that you have this knowledge inside of you (because you do!). Second, give yourself some time and space this week to reflect and/or journal on it. 

And if you still feel stuck knowing what to release, taking a look at your values can be very helpful during this Taurus full moon.

The Taurus Moon is shining a light on what you love and value. Your freedom and joy is in your ability to live authentically and in alignment with your core values.
— Kelley Rosano @ MysticMama

TRY THIS >> Grab your journal and reflect on these question.

  • What are your non-negotiables in life? What feelings do you strive to embody each day? 
  • Now reflect on one or two places where you feel the most struggle right now.
  • Now ask yourself: Which struggles are due to a disconnect in my values?
  • When you can start to see that a difficult circumstance in your life is caused by you not honoring your values (whether it's a relationship, an internal thought or behavior pattern, etc) >> THIS IS A SIGN OF SOMETHING ROTTING AND READY TO BE RELEASED FROM YOUR LIFE.

So on this full moon, I invite you to take advantage of this potent energy and feel for what's past its ripe date, ready to be digested into wisdom, and over due to be released from your life. And I ask you to give yourself permission to learn the lesson and LET IT GO.

Once you do, you'll shift from this hexagram of  "ALMOST ACROSS" to completing this cycle. And you'll allow the space and resources to nurture the seeds of something amazing and new to come along.