I Ching Full Moon Wisdom {December}

Full moons are always an energetically potent time, ripe for bringing about great transformation. Taking time monthly during the full moon to reflect has consistently helped me stay on purpose and shift difficult and stagnant areas of my life. A few years ago, I began combining my favorite oracle and spiritual tool, the I Ching, with my full moon practice and BAM, "I Ching Moon Wisdom" readings were born. 

So to assist us in utilizing this month's full moon energy for transformation, I asked the I Ching, "How can we best use this year's final full moon energy to set us up for more happiness and greater alignment with our true selves as we shift into 2016?(hexagrams are the language of the I Ching)

And it answered with Hexagram #16, Delight (aka. Enthusiasm).

As I read through this hexagram, I uncovered 3 main themes that are important for us to take the time to explore over the next couple weeks. So grab a cup of tea, find a cozy nook, and dive into this month's wisdom to set yourself up for more happiness and success (however you define it) in 2016!


In order to become more aligned with your true self and begin to cultivate more happiness in 2016, you must be tuned into what brings you joy. What is it that truly Lights You Up?!?

Knowing how you actually want to feel is the most potent form of clarity you can have. Generating those feelings is the most powerfully creative thing you can do with your life.
— Danielle LaPorte

Sometimes what we think will (or should) light us up actually doesn't. This could be because were basing what we want on others ideals, our own false ideals, or simply because our own tastes have changed. 

The plain truth is, what delights us changes as we grow older. We have to manage that change.
— The I Ching

The hexagram "Delight" is reminding you to take some time to re-clarify your ideas of what truly lights you up, before you start setting those tangible goals for 2016.

TAKE ACTION >> Take a moment to upgrade your ideas on what delights you, before you shift into 2016.

  • You can do this by sitting quietly and contemplating the things that truly light you up. Grab a journal, and ask yourself "What lights me up? What makes me feel expansive and joyful?"
  • You can also do this by being more mindful in your daily life. Start noticing what truly delights you over the next few weeks. What makes you giddy? What makes you feel expansive? Also start to notice what feels heavy or exhausting. What makes you contract? 

Personally, I've noticed some major changes in what delights me in my relationship. How I once loved to connect has greatly shifted over the year, and as I move into 2016 I'll have to account for these changes if I want to feel fulfilled and happy. I've also found that what delights me in my social life has drastically shifted over the year. And if I'm being honest, the shifts likely started years ago. But I never too the time to upgrade and came up against some major internal turbulence because of it.

Re-clarifying and following your delight is a wonderful way to align more deeply with your true self and set goals that will truly bring you more happiness in 2016. 


Delight is volatile. Unless our spark begins a reaction, and unless we channel and amplify that reaction through hard work and perseverance, we cannot find a lasting path.
— The I Ching

This hexagram also reminds you that discipline and hard work are just as important as the spark of delight.

You're reminded to keep your initial excitement in mind while also maintaining your steady forward momentum (in any aspect of your life). Allow that spark of delight, your enthusiasm, to get your attention. That's what it's for! Enjoy it when it comes to you. But also be sure to keep persevering on that path, even as the initial excitement fades.

I've noticed a trend in myself (and others I talk to). I'll get a spark of inspiration that really lights me up. I'm giddy with excitement over it. I obsess over it, journal on it, talk about it, and then.......I stop. The excitement dies down or fear and doubt creep in and I Just Stop. Until another enthusiastic burst of delight pops up! And the cycle continues. 

This pattern of not following up bursts of delight with perseverance and consistent action can happen to anyone in any area of their life. And it's a surefire way to lose momentum and stagnate your growth.

Let delight be your compass, and hard work be your tools.

TAKE ACTION>> The next time you get a burst of delight or inspiration, make a plan to follow it up with consistent action.

Do you keep thinking about getting into better shape and then finally feel inspired to go out for a jog? Don't let that inspiration fade. Create a plan to take consistent action towards getting into shape. Join a gym; get a jogging buddy; hire a health coach; do whatever you need to do to insure consistent action.


So #3 may sound a bit random, but bear with me because it may very well be the most important aspect of this hexagram "Delight". The I Ching says,

Only one delight, delight in the spiritual, is lasting and ultimately satisfying. All other delights are external- mere entertainment and playing. The spiritual transcends our isolation, joins us with others, and leads our souls to dance to a music that resonates through the universe in a song of delight
— The I Ching

Many things will delight you and compete for your continued attention and energy in 2016 and beyond. It's only with the wisdom of the universe (spirit, source, god, etc.) and you're own inner wise woman (soul, intuition, etc.) that you'll know the difference between what will bring you farther on your path, and what will be a fun (but perhaps unfulfilling) distraction. Neither is wrong.

But if you're goal in 2016 is to more fully live your purpose and align with your true self, you'd benefit greatly from listening for whispers of the universe and your soul, as to which sparks of delight to follow.

TAKE ACTION>> If you'd like to strengthen your connection and gain more guidance from the universe and your inner wise woman, I highly suggest establishing a regular spiritual practice in your life. This has been key for transforming my own life. A "regular spiritual practice" may look different for each of you. And that's ok. As long as it helps you have a deeper connection with the universe and your inner wise woman, you're golden :)

If you're curious, my spiritual practice consists of regular and varying types of meditation, journaling, consulting the I Ching, and other regular rituals that help me feel that deeper connection with myself and the divine. 

If you'd like to learn how to make your own spiritual practice more consistent so you can more easily tap into your inner wise woman and guidance from spirit, sign up below for a free resource to help. It's a guide with 4 simple steps that will help you take your spiritual practice from inconsistent dabble to regular ritual in 2016.

Whether your spiritual practice is meditation or something else, this guide will help you make it more consistent.