I Ching Summer Solstice Wisdom {June}

This month we're surrounded by both the full moon and solstice energies. I've been working with the I Ching as my oracle system of choice for almost a decade, and I still get chills at how magically aligned its messages feel each and I every time I work with it. Whether it's for myself or for a client. And this month's message couldn't be more appropriate. 

The hexagram (aka. the language of the I Ching) the I Ching gave us for this Solstice was #60 "REGULATION".

The summer solstice is a time when we have our longest day of the year. The time of light (masculine or yang energy) is at its peak, while the time of dark (feminine or yin energy) is at its lowest point. If the days kept getting longer at the summer solstice, the earth would soon start to experience major imbalance and all sorts of problems would arise.

But instead, nature senses when it's time to change and regulates itself. After the summer solstice, the days will slowly start to shorten as the nights get longer. And we make our way towards the winter solstice, and the cycle continues. And if that's not symbolic enough, we also have a full moon which signifies the peak of the feminine energy. So even on the most masculine day of the year, we also have the peak of yin to symbolize regulation and balance.

So on this full moon solstice, take a look at the natural peaking and balancing of energy all around you, and find ways you can embody this same regulation in your own life.

Regulation frees us. That is not paradoxical. Disciplined persons imagine a direction they want to go in- even if it means learning or changing- and then they take that direction. Relying on their abilities, they leverage their skills to realize their goals. Undisciplined people want change too. But they can not persevere long enough to make their wishes real. Personal change requires hard work. A disciplined person plans and then executes that plan, confident that he or she will reach the end.
— The Living I Ching, Deng Ming-Dao

About a month ago, I felt really overwhelmed and out of balance. I had big visions and goals that I was super excited about, but couldn't seem to stay focused enough to get any traction with them. After a week of feeling stressed and anxious I decided enough was enough! I stopped overthinking things and trying to push harder to bring about the change I wanted (very masculine characteristics) and paused to take some space for meditation and reflection (more feminine activities).

I regulated myself by first balancing my masculine "doing" with a more feminine "pausing and reflecting", gained clarity into my overwhelm, and then regulated myself more by hiring a coach (Jana Bachollet, who I highly recommend!) to help me better plan and implement systems into my business.

After getting this reading on the solstice, I reflected on what this "regulation" meant for me right now? I asked myself, "Where do I need more discipline in my life in order to manifest my visions and goals?". And a flood of insight came pouring out. Here are some things I wrote in my journal:

  • More regular meditation and spiritual rituals
  • More focused and structured work and writing schedule
  • More regular outreach and connecting with others in my business
  • Continue setting up better systems in my business

So, now I ask you. Where do you need more discipline and regulation in your life to manifest your visions and goals?

And I'll leave you with one final note from the I Ching. It's a word of caution. It reminds us that even our regulation of ourselves needs regulation. Had nature over-regulated itself (and not allowed the days to get longer) after the winter solstice last year, we would have stayed in perpetual winter and never made it to summer (ok so I don't know that's scientifically correct, but you get the point metaphorically speaking, lol).

So as you begin to bring more regulation and discipline into areas of your life, remember,

Only calm and willing discipline should be practiced. Fanatical Restriction is not discipline! Instead of training our horse, we imprison it. This is not the right way.
— The Living I Ching, Deng-Ming Dao

Happy summer solstice love!

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